The Strumbellas Open Up about Mental Health, Soaring Choruses & More!

The Strumbellas Open Up about Mental Health, Soaring Choruses & More!

The Strumbellas’ Simon Ward & Dave Ritter discuss battling depression & anxiety, writing those earworm choruses, the pandemic’s impact on musicians & more

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  • On the podcast this week, Mike’s welcomes back Simon Ward and Dave Ritter from folk-rock hit-makers The Strumbellas. Almost everybody knows these guys from hits like “Salvation,” “We Don’t Know,” and especially the inescapable single “Spirits.” They’re back with a new single, “Greatest Enemy,” which is the first release since they went on hiatus a couple years ago after Simon realized that the depression he had been dealing with for the past 15 years was no longer something he could deal with on his own. In this conversation, Simon opens up about that battle and the tough year he’s had, and why he defines “success” totally differently now than when he last chatted with Mike. The guys also dissect their songwriting and recording process, Simon reveals how he writes those big soaring choruses, and much more.

  • The Strumbellas

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