The unvaccinated patients occupy most of the acmo devices in the hospitals

The Director General of the Ministry of Health, Prof. Nachman Ash, estimated in a discussion with hospital administrators that “the current heavy load on the health system will continue until the full outbreak of the fourth wave of illness.” The hospitals with heart-lung machines (Acmo) and according to a report by Ido Efrati in “Haaretz” this morning (Wednesday), Corona patients are in critical condition and not fully vaccinated in three doses, most of them young, catching Now most of the Acmo devices in the health system.

According to the report, as of yesterday, 39 Corona patients are connected to the Acmo devices in the hospitals in Israel, 29 of them in the age range between 40 and 60. 33 of them are not vaccinated at all. And only four are fully vaccinated.In Israel, 82 such devices for 11 hospitals but in this quorum also machines used as backup for malfunctions.At the height of the third wave of the epidemic 43 patients were connected to Acme.

More in January said Dr. Yigal Kasif, director of the Akmo service at Sheba and chairman of the Israeli company Akmo Bahri: “In Israel, there is no Acmo bed available.” In the current fourth wave, which is now estimated to be at its peak (before the data includes cases of infection that are expected to expand with the resumption of studies next weekend), doctors are already forced, according to what has been said on various occasions, to postpone connection to two corona patients. To take care of them. Dr. Kasif also said that now 52 inpatients are connected to Acme and in quite a few hospitals available for other uses individual devices. The Ministry of Health announced that an effort has been made to quickly purchase more devices.

The report states that the WhatsApp group Of doctors they are outraged that many of the unvaccinated whose condition has deteriorated greatly are connected to Acme and are referred to as suffering from “corona stupidity.”

From the beginning of July until yesterday 72 patients were connected to Acme but 21 of them have already been successfully disconnected. Nine died and the rest are in various stages of the disease and are still connected to devices. Patients in critical condition Today, the number of people connected to these devices is more than five times higher.

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