This guy spent five years building this world record domino robot


Mark Rober, the former NASA engineer who builds all those package thief glitter bombs, spent 5 years building this robot that sets up dominoes. Not only does it set up dominoes, but it sets up, like, a lot of them. Apparently a world record amount at 100k over 24 hours.

The robot is obviously super impressive and better than anything I’ll ever build in my entire life, I just wish the dominoes actually connected and weren’t just multiple unconnected rows that need to be individually pushed. Can you really call it 100k dominoes if you have to push like a hundred rows to get the whole thing down? It should only really count if the entire thing can be knocked over with a single domino. And, yes, this quibble is coming from a guy who couldn’t set up twenty dominoes without accidentally knocking them over and probably setting the house on fire.

Keep going for the full video.

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