This is a snownado


Apparently snownados exist and if you guessed that they’re dust devils but with snow you’d be correct. They’re not nearly as interesting as Sharknados or firenados, but those are impossibly high bars for a ‘nado.

Keep going for another video of a snownado. According to The Weather Network they’re so rare only a half dozen or so have ever been caught on camera.

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Surreal phone booth videos

This is a series of surreal phone booth videos by TikToker solopsist. You may be wondering what a “surreal phone booth video” even is and I couldn’t explain…

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Absolutely stunning and hypnotic stop-motion animation using matches

This is an incredibly well done and hypnotic stop-motion animation by Tomohiro Okazaki featuring every conceivable play on matches. And as if the creativity wasn’t impressive enough…

Hiker Captures Rare Snow Tornado On Video

Note: Keep your volume low. This is a video of a rare snownado captured by outdoorsman Michal Nikon while hiking with his fiance in Poland’s Tatra National…

It Happens: Reporter Accidentally Gives Weather Report With Filter Generator Activated

This is a video of WLOS ABC News 13 reporter Justin Hinton giving a Facebook Live weather report about the recent snowfall in North Carolina while unknowingly…

Shocking: Idiot With Snow Covered Windshield Crashes Into Another Car

This is a short dashcam video (skip to 0:35 for the action) of some jackass who couldn’t be bothered to clean the snow off their windshield making…

Awww: Baby Barn Owl Alone In Roost Hears Thunder For The First Time

This is a short video from an owl nest cam set up by British wildlife artist Robert Fuller starring a two and a half month old barn…

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