This is how Aurel Hermansyah looks without eyelash extensions

AUREL Hermansyah looks different after deciding to remove eyelash extensions . This was conveyed by the wife of Atta Halilintar through her Instagram Story upload.

Previously, Aurel Hermansyah used to do eyelash extensions. This he did to support his appearance on the small screen.

“Don’t use eyelash extensions for a break. If you say Abang (Atta), if you don’t use extensions like a sick person, you will turn pale. Is that right, guys?” said Aurel in Instagram Story, Thursday (23/9/2021).

It can be seen, Aurel wearing a blue instant hijab is showing off her new appearance while smiling. Without eyelash extensions, Atta Halilintar saw her so pale like a sick person. On the other hand, netizens actually praised his new appearance.

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Aurel Hermansyah

Aurel’s upload was re-uploaded by the TikTok account @dewiirawan47. The video has been watched by 229 thousand users and was flooded with comments from netizens. Many say that Aurel looks naturally beautiful. In fact, some say that Aurel is like a middle schooler.

“Not wearing eyelashes, Loly is like a junior high school student,” said a netizen.

” Pregnant women look naturally beautiful… so beautiful,” said another netizen.

“More beautiful…natural and younger looking,” replied another netizen.


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