This is how teachers can promote peace of mind in school

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How come some teachers manage to create peace and quiet in the classroom? A compilation from the School Research Institute shows six things such a teacher does.

Lack of study in Swedish schools has in recent years attracted attention in surveys and in the media. Teachers have requested more knowledge on how to create a good learning environment and peace of mind for students. To meet that need, the School Research Institute has compiled research on how teachers can work to promote study peace in the classroom. The research question they wanted to answer is: “What characterizes teachers’ leadership that promotes study peace in the classroom?” a government agency that works to ensure that teaching in preschools and schools is conducted on a scientific basis. Not just the teacher’s task – It feels important to present research that can give teachers an increased knowledge of working methods and ways to exercise leadership in the classroom, says Camilo von Greiff, Director of the School Research Institute. That the focus is on the teacher’s role does not mean, according to the School Research Institute, that the teacher is alone is responsible for the study, without wanting to look at what the teacher

    can do in the classroom. Read also Does stricter discipline and stricter rules help? This is how teachers can create study peace in the classroom The results from the research have been compiled in six headings that characterize leadership that promotes study peace: Get to know the students and create positive relationships

  1. Choose and adapt working methods based on the students’ needs
  2. Prevention through clear expectations and structure
  3. Active your students and make them involved
  4. Support and meet behaviors
  5. Evaluate based on observations
  6. Each heading is described in more detail in the report below. Report: Promotion Promote classroom learning – teacher leadership On there are additional materials that can be used by teachers.

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