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Quality of Self-care Tied to Anxiety, Depression in HF thumbnail

Quality of Self-care Tied to Anxiety, Depression in HF

The described study was published as a preprint on Research Square and has not been peer-reviewed. Key Takeaways Self-care in patients with heart failure was directly related to anxiety and depression. Anxiety had a greater impact on self-care than depression. Self-care behaviors in patients with heart failure deserve more attention. Why This Matters Better patient…
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How retail became healthcare’s biggest disruptor

Skip to main content Mega-retailers are stepping in to improve the way healthcare is delivered, disrupting a status-quo industry that has been slow to change. Retailers ranging from drugstore chains to discount superstores are looking to take market share from traditional hospitals and health systems by stressing a more customer-centric focus. In many markets, the
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Screen All Surgery Patients for Cannabis Use, New Guidelines Say

Surgery > Anesthesiology — Regular cannabis users may have more post-operative pain and other complications by Judy George, Deputy Managing Editor, MedPage Today January 3, 2023 Surgical candidates undergoing anesthesia should be screened universally for cannabis use, new guidelines from the American Society of Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine (ASRA Pain Medicine) stated. Anesthesiologists should
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