Venkatesh and Rana Daggubati Come Together For Netflix's Rana Naidu

Real-life uncle-nephew duo and bonafide superstars, Venkatesh Daggubati and Rana Daggubati have joined forces to collaborate for a Netflix helmed web series named, Rana Naidu. The series is an official adaptation of the American crime drama Ray Donovan which revolves around an influential man, known for resolving issues of the rich. It was a celebrated series that ran for over seven seasons, with Liev Schriber playing the lead. The project will be produced by Sunder Aaron of Locomotive Global Media LLP and directed by Karan Anshuman and Suparn Verma. 

In a statement given to The Hindu, Rana Daggubati said that this project will bring about a lot of firsts for him. It will be his first collaboration with his uncle and the first exploration of long-form storytelling for both the actors: “It is completely different from what both of us have done in our careers so far. I am extremely happy to work with a crew and a platform that knows this format the best. It will be new, challenging and fun. We are looking forward to filming soon,” he added. 

Venkatesh who seemed eager to work with his family member said, “I cannot wait to work with Rana. I am sure we will have a blast on sets. I am a huge fan of Ray Donovan and the team is pulling out all the stops to ensure we do justice to it.” 

Both, Rana and Venkatesh were quick to announce this familial collaboration with heart-warming captions on Instagram. 

A detailed concept statement by Netflix further revealed that Rana Naidu’s character is on the speed dial of many Bollywood celebrities since there is no problem he cannot fix.

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