Viral Waiters Are Good at Counting Using a Calculator Without Looking at the Numbers, Netizens: The Real Fast Hand

NEW-recent video of a waitress restaurant in Malaysia suddenly viral on TikTok’s social media timeline. The reason is, the waiter is very good at using a calculator to amaze netizens.

The video viral was first uploaded by the @aameworks account. In the video, it can be seen that the account owner has finished eating lunch at the restaurant. Then came a male waiter wearing a green shirt and blue apron and a cap on his head while carrying a calculator to calculate the total price of their food.

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Interesting , the waiter pressed the number on the calculator so fast he didn’t even notice the number being dialed. There is also a “tick-tick” sound when the calculator is pressed quickly which makes the action even more exciting. It doesn’t take long, the total price of the food is immediately displayed and can be directly paid by the account owner.

The waiter’s calculation skill also amazed many netizens. Currently the viral video has been watched more than 2.7 million times and flooded with various netizen comments.

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“THE REAL FAST HAND!!!!” wrote one netizen in the comments column.

“The calculator is in his brain, press it for a little fun” said another netizen.

“If you eat like this, it’s better to pay first before eating. Because you are afraid that you won’t feel good when you think about the price,” another netizen commented.


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