We have started recruiting projects for the 156th NHK General TV “Yorudora” (30-minute size).

Please see the bottom row for the application requirements .

We are looking for free-thinking projects from production companies throughout the year.
The reception period is set every month.

Regardless of genre, theme, or production style, we request single-shot, series planning, or regular development planning that will bring a new twist to NHK broadcasting. You can freely set targets such as projects that narrow down the audience such as generation, gender, and hobbies, and projects that can be viewed by a wide range of viewers from children to the elderly. (However, live programs are excluded)

Budget ~ 30 million yen Broadcast frame

Special feature on terrestrial and satellite waves

Prime time (special program)
Midnight (program development frame)
Saturday, Sunday and afternoon

If you would like a “pre-order” system in which NHK purchases only broadcasting rights in advance, please add that fact.

Future “Recruitment B” deadline

・ October October 12 ( Tue) 17:00 Must arrive ・ November

) November 10th (Wednesday) 17:00 Must arrive ・ December December 10th (Friday) 17:00 Must arrive 2022 ・ For January Must arrive at 17:00 on Wednesday, January 12 ・ February Must arrive at 17:00 on Thursday, February 10 ・ For March Thursday, March 10 Must arrive at 17:00 ・ April 4 Monday 11th (Mon) 17:00 Must arrive ・ May

) May 13th (Friday) 17:00 Must arrive ・ June Must arrive at 17:00 on June 10th (Friday) ・ July

Must arrive at 17:00 on Monday, July 11

・August Must arrive at 17:00 on Wednesday, August 10

・ September
September 12 (Monday) 17:00 Must arrive ・ October October 12th (Wednesday) 17:00 Must arrive ・ November Must arrive at 17:00 on Thursday, November 10 ・ December

December 12th (Mon) 17:00 Must arrive

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