Which one to buy Pallet jack or Electric pallet jack?

A pallet jack is one of the most common materials handling tools used for material movement. Pallet Jack count as a material handling equipment. It works like a forklift to move material. There is a different kind of pallet jack available in the market like manual or hand pallet jack, electric pallet jack, scissor pallet truck.

Pallet Jacks

Pallet Jacks is the material handling platform used for material movement inside the limited factory premises. It also called the pallet truck. it has the two parallel fork that goes inside the pallet and t lift it the material along with the pallet. It’s operated manually and electrically. There are many national and international companies that are there in the market from where you can buy it or rent it.

Manual Pallet Jack

A manual pallet jack is the most commonly used in the warehouse, shopping malls, and supermarket. Manual pallet jack requires manual power to lift and drag the material. It also had a hydraulic system. You need to just insert your pallet jack in a wooden or plastic pallet operate through the hydraulic jack. Then you can manually drag the pallet jacks according to your direction.

Its wheel get move in 210 degree direction. So it’s easy to move the pallet from one location to other.

Manual pallet Jack
Manual pallet Jack

Electric pallet jack is a popular up-gradation of hand or hydraulic pallet jack. This jack basically operated through batteries. It’s also known as the walk behind electric pallet truck.

It consists of the button that the user may press to adjust your lifting and dragging of material. The electric pallet requires charge from time to time. It can load 1000 KG to 2000 KG depend upon the kind of pallet you are buying.

Different kinds of batteries decide the pallet capacity. How much hour does it work? You may find the Li-Ion, lead-acid batteries, and gel batteries.

In many of the case, you need to keep the batteries on charging for full night. So you need to make a decision accordingly which one suits your work.

Electric Pallet Jack
Electric Pallet Jack

So we also brief about which one will be benefited to you according to costing, working, feasibility, maintenance cost, life of pallet jacks.

Safety is one of the major concerns you need to focus on before buying decision. Many organizations have already cleared the special lanes for the pallet jack so it avoids the accident caused majorly.

Comparison between the powered pallet jack and electric pallet jack

Powered Pallet JackElectric Pallet Jack
A powered pallet jack is cheaper than electric palletElectric pallet jack costlier then the powered pallet jack.
Powered or manual pallet is low maintenance as compare to the electric one.While Electric pallet jack has heavy maintenance as compare to the manual pallet jack.
Maintenance Expense cost is lower than electric oneWhile its cost is heavier than the electric pallet one.
Does not require any kind of fuel or charging whenever you required you can use it. Just you need to proper maintain the hydraulic system of machineWhile it require the charging the according to use of jacks if you ware house working 24 hours then you need to keep 2 piece of battery or 2 set of pallet jack.
Manual pallet Jack Vs Electric Pallet Jack

Electric or Manual Jack on rental

If you have short term use then you can have it on rental basis. Many of the companies are proving it on rental basis.

But generally, it required by the warehouse and manufacturing companies and they need it for their frequent use. So it better to own it.

List of companies that rent the pallet jacks near you:

BigRentz Pallet Jack on Rental

Home Depot Pallet Jack on rental

Herc Rental Pallet Jack on rental

Crown Pallet Jack on rental

United Pallet Jack on Rental

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