Who are the 2 Nobel Prize Winners Orhan Pamuk and Aziz Sancar?

The Nobel Prizes, which are a great source of honor for both the person worthy of the award and the country of the person, highlight those who have served humanity for years. Within the scope of these awards, we have seen many foreign names that benefit humanity. Now we are looking at the important names that have come out of our lands and were deemed worthy of this award.

There is no one who has not heard of the Nobel Prizes that are given every year. In 1895, the association founded by the famous chemist and engineer Alfred Nobel himself, has received ‘) These awards, which are given to people who contribute to humanity , become a great source of honor both for the person himself and for his country. Medicine, physics, chemistry, We see that these awards given in the fields of )peace, literature and physiology generally go to foreign names. But for this reason, do not think that there are no people in our country who do notable studies in these fields. Because in our country, aside from the people we wish to receive a Nobel Prize for their work, there are already Turkish names who have received Nobel Prizes. Let’s take a closer look at them.

  • Who are the Turkish Nobel Prize winners?

    • Aziz Sancar : Nobel Prize in ChemistryOrhan Pamuk
    • Orhan Pamuk : Nobel Prize in Literature

    There are 2 Turkish names who have received the Nobel Prize so far. These people are Prof. Dr. Aziz Sancar and Author Ferit Orhan Pamuk. Let’s see how they got the Nobel Prize together. How, when and with which work did Orhan Pamuk win the Nobel Prize for Literature?Orhan Pamuk Orhan Pamuk was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature . The exact date he received his award is 12 October 2006 . He also has the title of being the first person to leave our country and receive a Nobel Prize . Let’s come to how he won the Nobel Prize for Literature. The Swedish Academy, on the day of the award, “2006 Nobel Prize in Literature ‘While following the traces of the melancholic spirit of the city, new symbols for the clash and knit of cultures

    find’ given to Orhan Pamuk”. The following statements, such as “ because it changed the roots of the contemporary novel…”, also added that Pamuk’s great influence abroad ) reveals. Author Orhan Pamuk, who made his name known to a large audience both abroad and in our country with the books he wrote, was also deemed worthy of many different awards in different parts of the world with his works. These places include Ireland and the United States . Not to mention the competitions he participated in and won before, and the fact that he was a judge at the Cannes Film Festival held in France in 2007.

    How, when and for what work did Aziz Sancar win the Nobel Prize in Chemistry?

    Aziz Sancar prof. Dr. Aziz Sancar was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2015 . If you are wondering about the life story of Aziz Sancar, who is the second person to leave our country after Orhan Pamuk and receive the Nobel Prize, we can say that it is quite inspiring

  • hereMete Atatüre you can browse. Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his research mapping how cells repair
  • damaged DNA and how genetic information is preserved during this repair got thanks. You can find the details of this study in our article about his life story. The said award; It was given to three scientists, Aziz Sancar, Paul Modrich and Tomas Lindahl.

    Turkish scientists we wish to receive the Nobel Prize:

    • Ferya Special
    • Mete Atatüre
  • Muazzez İlmiye Çığ
  • Canan Dağdeviren Do not let the fact that two people from our country have been awarded the Nobel prizes so far lead you to pessimism . Because there are many other people who are Turkish and have achieved significant successes . At this point, it should be noted that the most important thing is not the country, but the work and success. Feryal Özel Feryal ÖzelProf. Dr. Feryal Özel was deemed worthy of many awards for his work in the field of astrophysics. Black hole Feryal Özel is seen for the first time in the worldOrhan Pamuk you remember. Feryal Özel, the only Turkish among more than 200 scientists who took part in that study, was awarded one of the highest honors of the American Physical Society thanks to his groundbreaking work on neutrons and black holes. Continuing his studies, Prof. Dr. We hope to see Ferya Özel in the Nobel Prize field. Mete Atatüre Mete Atatüre Professor in the United Kingdom . Mete Atatüre is one of the prominent names in the field of physics. Thanks to his determination to work without borders, Atatüre has been able to measure light level noise measurement‘, which was considered impossible in 2015. performed the nude. This earned him the ‘ Exceptional Achievement of the Year Award. In addition, he received the 2020 Thomas Young Medal and Award for his ‘pioneering contributions to quantum optics phenomena in semiconductors and diamond’ by creating exciting applications in quantum technologies. won. We hope to see Atatüre, who has been so successful in surprising the scientific world, while giving his Nobel Prize speech. Muazzez İlmiye Çığ Muazzez İlmiye Çığ Famous Turkish Sumerologist Muazzez İlmiye Çığ , who we know for his studies in the field of history, is the owner of numerous works and studies. Having witnessed many important events such as the War of Independence and the proclamation of the Republic, Avalanche never stopped working from her youth to her later years. We wish that Çığ, who sheds light on history, especially Sumerian history, and has numerous translations, awards and works on this subject, crowns her success with the Nobel Prize. Canan DagdevirenCanan Dağdeviren Canan Dağdeviren, one of the leading names in the field of physics, was included in the world-famous Forbes magazine’s 30 Scientists Under 30 list. The reason why we included him in this list is that at the end of his studies during his time in the USA, he ‘ developed a device that ‘ can detect skin cancer with a wearable heart chip that works without batteries‘. Apart from this, Dağdeviren, who has worked at Harvard University and MIT Media Lab , was also deemed worthy of many different awards abroad. We congratulate Dağdeviren, who received little support throughout her working life and talked about the difficulty of being a woman during this process, and hope to see her giving her Nobel Prize speech.Nobel Ödülü Apart from the important names we have mentioned , there are important Turkish names who have achieved success both in our country and in different parts of the world . At this point, you may turn the lights on yourself and think that geographical location and living conditions complicate the situation and that’s why you are stoned. Although the accuracy of this is indisputable, it should not be forgotten that the names above also came from the same lands as you, and even faced more difficult conditions at one point. Even if your family, state and every factor around you hold your hand or not , success is not something given to you, it is something you achieve. We have just listed the living proofs of this for you.

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