WHO: Covid-19 Can Be Defeated With Humanitarian Aid!

AGENCY World Health (WHO) asks countries that have vaccine supplies to be willing to share with other countries in need. The spread of vaccines is needed if you want to suppress the spread of the virus between humans.

“The bottom line is how we use the tools at our disposal to prevent infections from occurring and save human lives,” said Dr Maria Van Kerkhove, WHO’s Covid-19 technical lead for Covid-19. WHO official website, Wednesday (22/9/2021).

He continued, WHO will continue to be aware of all kinds of possible threats and do what it can to not only ensure vaccine equality around the world. , but to ensure the spread of the virus does not happen again.

“I personally think that we can and countries have proven that it can be done. We beat the pandemic with humanitarian aid,” he added.

Meanwhile, several countries with a large supply of vaccines have started helping other countries in need. There are many examples, but what was recently carried out was the shipment of 23 metric tons of medicines and medical devices from WHO that arrived in Kabul, Afghanistan.

“This is one of the first humanitarian aids to arrive in Afghanistan since the country’s operations were disrupted in August. The shipment was transported by Qatar Airways,” the WHO report added.


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