World Contraception Day: Midwives Play an Important Role During the Covid-19 Pandemic

PANDEMI covid-19 in Indonesia not only has an impact on the economic and social sectors, but also fulfills the need for health services. Currently, many women have difficulty accessing services related to contraception, including mothers and newborns. This should be a concern, especially in World Contraception Day which is celebrated every September 26th.

Chairman of the Indonesian Midwives Association (IBI) Dr. Emi Nurjasmi MPH explained the role of midwives is very important in overcoming these difficult conditions. Because, midwives are tasked with empowering women before and after giving birth.

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Midwives also provide pregnant women with important input and options before the baby is born. Even midwives provide essential contraceptive services after the baby is born (post-delivery).

Ilustrasi pandemi covid-19. (Foto: Okezone)

“During this pandemic, midwives cooperated with the Indonesian National Population and Family Planning Agency (BKKBN). We also support women’s access to contraception by opening online consultations, and also distributing contraceptives,” said Dr Emi in Virtual Roundtable World Contraception Day 2021, Friday 24 September 2021.

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In addition, midwives also take advantage of an online platform, namely the Klik KB platform as a medium of communication between mothers and midwives. Multi-stakeholder collaboration and digital innovation are essential in supporting family planning with unimpeded access to contraception, as well as increasing knowledge about women’s health, family planning and contraception.

“Maintaining women’s health and maintaining the progress made in access to contraception remains our top priority in the midst of COVID-19,” he concluded.


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