Young people were hospitalized following the use of “Nice Guy” mixed with anticoagulants

Following hospitalizations of young people over the weekend on suspicion of poisoning due to the use of the “Nice Guy” drug, a joint investigation and investigation was opened by the Israel Police, the Enforcement Division and the Medical Division of the Ministry of Health and all emergency rooms in Israel were updated accordingly. Police arrested two suspects in supplying the dangerous substances.

12 young people were hospitalized and some are still hospitalized in hospitals in the northern region, after apparently using a drug mixed with an anticoagulant, which endangers public health to the point of causing death as a result. Bleeding. Upon receipt of the report, a joint investigation was opened by the Israel Police, the Enforcement Division and the Medical Division of the Ministry of Health.

) And a resident of Haifa (31) on suspicion of supplying the hazardous materials and a search of their possession found findings linking them to the offense attributed to them. The police intend to request an extension of the suspects’ detention in the Magistrate’s Court in Haifa tomorrow morning. The investigation continues.

The use of explosives known to the public in a variety of names, such as “Nice Guy”, “Mastolon” and “Mabsuton” is very dangerous, illegal and can lead to death. The Ministry of Health and the Israel Police are continuing their efforts to locate and seize the explosives and will work to prosecute the distributors.

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