Ayu Dyah Pasha: The key to a healthy and happy elderly is to feel alive

ACTIST Ayu Dyah Pasha is already classified as pre-elderly. Knowing this status, he also maximizes the available time by remaining active in activities.

Not only to stay productive, according to Ayu Dyah Pasha, this effort will help people like him stay away from problems with brain disorders, such as dementia. Because, the activities carried out make the brain continue to work.

Ayu Dyah Pasha

That why, Ayu Dyah is as old as she is to keep having a hobby at her age that is no longer young. “For me, having a hobby, having a community whose vision and mission is to live a healthy and happy life is the key,” he said at the webinar ‘Recognizing Alzheimer’s Dementia, The Importance of Early Detection’, Friday (24/9/2021).

That way, he continued, the pre-elderly and the elderly still feel that they are working and what they are doing is still beneficial for themselves and others. “Feeling that we still have benefits is important so that we continue to have dreams,” added Ayu Dyah.

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He did not deny that when he entered the age of 55 the thought of no more life that could be lived existed. However, he made sure that such thoughts were wrong and should not be believed.

At the age of 57, Ayu Dyah is still productive, continues to shoot, uses social media like the younger generation, and does yoga. It’s no different from being young, only physically different.

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