BTS and Coldplay Collaborative ‘My Universe’ Has Been Released

The much-anticipated collaborative single from the bands Coldplay and the K-Pop band BTS titled My Universe has been released.

Along with a lyrical version of the song comes also an instrumental one.

The synth-pop song will be the second song on Coldplay’s forthcoming 15 October album Music of the Spheres. The stylistic approach to this single, the galactic theme paired with the neons, is also quintessential of this upcoming body of work.

Music Of The Spheres. The new album 🪐 October 15th, 2021.
Available to pre-order:

— Coldplay (@coldplay) July 20, 2021

The release of the single today on Friday will be followed by a documentary special scheduled for 26 September, and an acoustic version set to release on 27 September, followed by an official music video directed by the legendary Dave Meyers.

Chris Martin, while speaking with Apple Music’s New Music Daily, anticipated this polarising response: “We started communicating with BTS, and then we went to Korea. It’s something you could look at so cynically, and we have at times, but anytime there’s actual communication or music between us, it just feels so good. I unabashedly and unashamedly feel really grateful for the song, grateful for the person that inspired the song and grateful for the person we sing it with.”

Only hours before dropping the single, the bands had released a teaser image with certain lyrics in both English and Korean scribbled. The image featured lyrics in various colours scribbled in both languages, English and Korean.

#MyUniverse // Tomorrow // // ❤️♾⭕️ // @BTS_twt @bts_bighit

— Coldplay (@coldplay) September 23, 2021

Prior to this, a 16-second clip picked up from My Universe was also uploaded for the fans to see back on Wednesday.

“And they said that we can’t be together…”#MyUniverse // Coldplay X BTS // Out Friday // // ❤️♾⭕️ // @BTS_twt @bts_bighit

— Coldplay (@coldplay) September 21, 2021

Speculations of this particular collaboration had been rife since as early as July and were only confirmed when the sensational K-Pop group were credited as collaborators on the song. Prior to this, BTS has worked recently with Ed Sheeran, who co-wrote their hit Permission to Dance and Megan Thee Stallion for a version of their 2021 mega-hit Butter.

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