By 6 pm on the last day of the Chuseok holiday, 1,321 confirmed cases nationwide

Seoul 530-Gyeonggi 360-Incheon 100, etc. Metropolitan area 990 persons, non-metropolitan area 331 persons
On the last day of the Chuseok holiday, the number of confirmed cases increases… Four-digit record on day 79

Novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19) in the metropolitan area ) As the spread continues, on the 22nd, the last day of the Chuseok holiday, confirmed cases continued across the country.

According to the quarantine authorities and local governments such as Seoul, there were a total of 1,321 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 across the country from 00:00 to 6pm on the same day.

228 more people than 1,93 at the same time the day before. The number of confirmed cases seems to have increased as the number of people receiving diagnostic tests on the way home increases. If you look at the areas where the confirmed cases were reported on that day, 990 people (74.9%) were in the metropolitan area and 331 people (25.1%) were in the non-metropolitan area.
By province and province, Seoul 530 people, Gyeonggi 360, Incheon 100, Daegu and Chungnam each 50, Gangwon 29, Gwangju 26 each in Gyeongnam, 25 each in Busan, Daejeon, and Jeonbuk, 24 in Chungbuk, 21 in Gyeongbuk, 15 in Ulsan, 9 in Jeju and 6 in Jeonnam. ) There were confirmed cases in 16 cities and provinces nationwide except Sejong.

As there is still time until midnight when the counting ends, the number of new confirmed cases to be announced as of 00:00 on the 23rd is expected to increase further to reach 1,800.

The previous day, the number of people increased by 627 after 6 pm, and the final number was 1,720. The 4th pandemic that started in the metropolitan area in early July has been going on for over two and a half months. The number of confirmed cases per day has increased to four digits for 78 consecutive days since July 7 (1,211). The 79th day is the 23rd. From the 16th to this day, the last 1 If you look at the weekly new confirmed cases, 1,942 → 2,8 → 2,87 → 1,909 → 1,604 → 1,729 → 1,720 per day, at least 1,600 a day More than 1,900 or more people came out 4 times. This Among the 1,857 cases per day on average during the period, the average number of regionally-occurring confirmed cases excluding imported cases is about 1,827. In the case of major cluster outbreaks, new infections were confirmed in hospitals, churches, and workplaces.

In Seoul, with 20 workers at a hospital in Yongsan-gu A total of 25 people, including one patient, were confirmed. Church and funeral home in Goyang, Gyeonggi A total of 33 people were confirmed positive, and 12 people were infected at a manufacturer in Yeoju.

In the non-metropolitan area, a total of 6 people were confirmed related to the public bath in Yeonje-gu, Busan (the second case). In addition, Garak Agricultural & Fisheries Wholesale Market in Songpa-gu, Seoul (cumulative 408 people), Jungbu Market in Jung-gu, Seoul (159 people), Gumi-si Sports Organization in Gyeongbuk (109 people), Seo-gu Bathhouse in Daegu (94 people), Sokcho-si entertainment establishments in Gangwon-do ( 46), additional confirmed cases followed one after another.


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