Good deal: in addition to IvacyVPN's 5-year -87% subscription, take advantage of an additional 20% reduction thanks to Futura!

Ideal for combining freedom and security, VPNs offer thousands of servers around the world to hide your IP address and guarantee your anonymity online. Ivacy VPN is doing strong this early summer by launching an annualized offer, really inexpensive, on condition of committing for 5 years.

Save and take advantage of the latest deals and great deals to buy at the best price.

Ivacy VPN markets an unmissable offer. Opt for optimal security on the internet by choosing this offer with multiple advantages:

  • subscription over 5 years minimum;
  • up to 10 simultaneous connections, so the whole family can enjoy it;
  • unlimited bandwidth and high speed download;
  • more than 3,500 servers available worldwide;
  • available on all platforms and all media.

All for € 1.10 per month, or not even € 15 each year. At this price, it’s hard to do better to secure your online activities and to make the most of the benefits of this virtual private network.

And to save even more money, use the code FS20 to get 20% off this 5-year subscription. We told you: inevitable!

Your data remains completely confidential

Whether it is to browse the web, consult the Netflix or Disney + catalog anywhere in the world or connect to public Wi-Fi networks, Ivacy VPN guarantees the security of your personal data.

By using a VPN, you become less vulnerable to cybercrime attempts as well as to surveillance from certain agencies or internet service providers. Here, there is no risk of your bank details, your photos being stolen or of being subjected to a computer intrusion. Data encryption makes your connection completely impenetrable and anonymous. In addition, Ivacy VPN ensures that it does not save your personal data.

And good news for fans of movies and series, all streaming services are unblocked in the seven main regions (USA, Japan, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Canada and France). Indeed, by using a VPN, your IP address can be located in a foreign country, such as the United States. Thus, no geographic restriction will prevent you from discovering new content on Netflix, Disney +, Amazon Prime Video and many others!

To subscribe to this offer, nothing could be simpler:

  • Go to the IvacyVPN site, just here .
  • Choose the 5 year subscription.
  • Before making the payment, enter the code FS20
  • Validate the operation.

And there you have it, your internet protection is reinforced!

Do not hesitate!

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