Hassle Free, This is the Secret of Cooking So Easy and Practical

For working mom, dual responsibilities at home and at the office often make time more limited. To prepare meals for family members, for example, working mom may not have that much time to cook a full and varied menu.

Sometimes when you are tired and don’t have time, the easiest option is to order food from outside. Although practical, the accumulated total expenditure for ordering food from outside is greater than cooking it yourself.

For those of you who are busy, here are some recommendations for kitchen utensils to make everyday cooking easier and more practical:

1. Rice Cooker

Photo: ACE Indonesia

The first recommendation is Rice Cooker 0.6L Kris. This rice cooker can cook rice, with the feature automatically switching to heating mode after the rice is cooked. In addition, Kris Rice Cooker can also be used to boil vegetables.

With a capacity of 0.6 liters, the inner pot is made of non-stick coating and can be removed for easy cleaning. Every purchase of Kris Rice Cooker also includes a measuring cup and serving spoon in the package.

For its own power consumption, Rice Cooker Kris has 300 watts of power (cooking mode) and 65 watts (warming mode). For safety, there is no need to worry because this rice cooker is equipped with protection against high temperatures.

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2. Oven with Air Fryer

Photo: ACE Indonesia

Air fryer is one of the kitchen tools that is on the rise. This tool is much-loved because it is able to fry food without oil and the results are still crispy. Well, instead of having a lot of kitchen electronic equipment and eating places, there is a more practical and multifunctional option, namely Oven with Air Fryer Kris.

This tool has 6in1 functions, namely water fry, broil, bake, toast, convection broil and convection toast. You can make a variety of delicious and crunchy dishes thanks to the even heat. Inside the Oven with Kris Air Fryer, there is a tray to hold food crumbs for easy cleaning.

There is a temperature control feature (100-250 degrees Celsius) and timer (up to 60 minutes). This oven with air fryer Kris has a capacity of 20 liters and a power consumption of 800 watts. Every product purchase includes a frying basket, baking sheet and oven rack.

3. Oven Toaster

Photo: ACE Indonesia

In addition to the oven option with air fryer, there is also a simpler oven option, namely Oven Toaster 12L Kris. Perfect for helping you prepare your daily breakfast simply. You can make toast, sandwich or toast quickly. In addition, Kris’s toaster oven can also be used to heat and bake various pastries as well as food.

Available feature timer (up to 60 minutes) and 4 temperature levels: off, up heater, down heater, up+ down heater. Kris’s toaster oven has a power consumption of 1,000 watts and a capacity of 12 liters. Each product purchase includes a roasting rack, food tray and mat to hold crumbs.

4. Frying Pan with Oil Dosage System

Photo: ACE Indonesia

This skillet is not an ordinary frying pan . Tasty Frying Pan has oil dosage system which can help determine the oil dosage. The circle on the surface of the Tasty skillet indicates the volume of oil. Small circles equal 5 ml / 1 tsp, while large circles equal 15 ml / 1 tbsp. With the help of this oil dosage system, cooking becomes easier with a definite dose.

Tasty’s frying pan has an ergonomic handle with a comfortable soft-touch grip grip. The surface is made of premium non-stick coating, while the body material is made of pressed aluminum which is not easily scratched. The Tasty skillet can be used on all types of hobs including induction hobs.

Tasty itself is a brand of cookware, kitchen gadgets and cooking tools from the United States. Besides wok, Tasty also has a collection of other cooking utensils which are also equipped with oil dosage system namely wok and casserole. Available in various sizes/diameters.

5. Peeler

Photo: ACE Indonesia

Save your time when peeling vegetables or fruits with helpTasty Y-Peeler Peeler . In addition to being faster, you can also get a neater peel than when peeling with a kitchen knife.

Tasty peeler is suitable for peeling carrots, cucumbers, potatoes and other foodstuffs. Equipped with finger guard, anti-slip grip and soft touch handle , this peeler is safer and more comfortable to use.

Those are five kitchen utensils that can help working moms cook easier, more practical, and hassle-free. Save more time with the help of the right cookware.

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