I have always wanted to become a mother. However, all pregnancies ended in abortion

“All my life I have known that I will not be without a child. I have had eight pregnancies, but only one, the last one, has made me happy. Today we have seven-year-old Eliška at home, and if I had to do it all again, I would do it again … “Where to start? My first pregnancy ended in miscarriage and complications during the subsequent operation, so I dealt with the infusion in my hand and the sadness in my soul. During the procedure, the doctors discovered that I was suffering from a congenital uterine defect, which, however, can be removed very well surgically. Since that day I shouldn’t have had a problem getting pregnant …

Seven times nothing

And I didn’t even have , although we sometimes needed the support of experts in the field of assisted reproduction. However, I had a problem carrying the baby. I have tried it many times. My seventh pregnancy turned out the worst, because I felt good all the time, but after checking at the gynecologist, we found out that something was going on with the baby. I miscarried again in week 22. It was a big blow to me, all the more so because I was finally supposed to be a mom and there was no indication that it shouldn’t be like that … It took a very long time for me to remember.

Artificial insemination

However, the desire for a child still drove me forward, but suddenly a strong opponent stood against me – age. So we took the opportunity to undergo artificial insemination. This was followed by a classic torture – hormonal injections, taking eggs, inserting embryos back into the body and waiting to see if I would be lucky. Everyone will tell you that the success of a couple in such a case most often depends on things that happen somewhere between heaven and earth. There is nothing left but to wait … I believed that I would not be without a child and today I am happy that it finally came out. After fourteen years of trying …

We have Eliška!

I breastfed Eliška for three years she carried it to the horses (I run a riding school) and I dragged her on my back on my backpacks. She grew up in the fresh air, I always say with a smile that she was almost in a stable, but she never missed anything here. They ask me if it didn’t affect me that we couldn’t wait so long and in the end we have her, if I’m not too anxious … We are normal parents and from Eliška we try to raise a viable, independent child. Sometimes it freezes me that he grows up as an only child, but he is not the first or last in the world.

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