Indian doctors group taps Eka Care for online healthcare platform

Seeking to digitally transform their practice, the Academy of Family Physicians India, a non-profit professional academic organisation, has inked a memorandum of understanding with Indian connected healthcare platform Eka Care.


The Eka Care mobile app provides doctors with a platform to connect with their patients; conduct teleconsultations; manage digital, physical, and ad-hoc appointments; schedule automated follow-ups; create digital prescriptions and reports; and use advanced practice analytics to inform decisions. 

The app also stores health records and does health assessments for patients; Indians can also download their COVID-19 vaccination certificates through the app. 

Currently, Eka Care has over 350,000 app users. The app is available on both iOS and Android devices and supports 12 languages.


According to a news report, the agreement designates Eka Care as the preferred technology provider for AFPI doctor members, delivering services such as patient engagement, health records, EMR, telemedicine, and payment solutions. 

It will also help them with appointments, listings on Google and SEO. Doctors are enjoined to become part of Eka Care’s local network. 

The two organisations also agreed to build technology solutions that will solve AFPI members’ daily problems in practice. 

Moreover, Eka care is giving a 6-month complimentary trial to all AFPI members who will register to use its platform before 30 December this year. They are also entitled to special offer prices post-trial. 


A recent report by Royal Philips revealed that three-quarters of Indian healthcare leaders are now prioritising their shift to remote or virtual care. However, they are also being challenged by infrastructure limitations, such as slow internet and connectivity issues. 

The report noted that the digital transformation of the Indian health system is hinged on a three-step approach, which includes an investment in telehealth in the near term, future investment in AI and partnerships with other healthcare providers to facilitate the use of those technologies.


“We have tied up with Eka Care to drive the next wave of much-needed tech transformation. We firmly believe that by going digital not only would we be moving closer to our patients but also be much more effective around clinical delivery. Both AFPI and Eka Care will work closely towards the common goal of uplifting medical practice and enhancing health outcomes,” AFPI President Dr Raman Kumar was quoted as saying.

“We are delighted to partner with AFPI and build the solution for their members. Healthcare delivery has completely changed in the last 18 months; this is a great opportunity for AFPI members to adopt technology, and for us, it’s an honour to build solutions under the guidance of AFPI members,” Eka Care co-founder Deepak Tuli also commented.

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