Mohamed Benchaâboun: “Morocco will regain its economic performance by 2022”

The growth rate of the national economy should reach 3.2% in 2022 then 3.8% in 2023, before reaching 4% in 2024. Prospects that tell the Minister of the Economy, Finance and Administrative Reform that Morocco will regain its economic performance by 2022.

Finance committees of the two Chambers of Parliament met yesterday Wednesday in Rabat as part of the preparation of the general framework of the 2022 Finance Bill ((PLF-2022). The opportunity for the Minister of the Economy , finance and administrative reform, Mohamed Benchaâboun, to present the challenges and priorities of the next PLF. of DH, with in particular the regulations of the promotion and recruitment process overdue for the years 2020 and 2021 (4 billion DH) and of the operations mainly in the social sectors. The increase also concerns expenditure relating to compensation (+5 billion DH). The provisional cost linked to compensation charges is estimated at 17.02 billion DH in 2022. The preparation of the PLF-2022 will also have to take into account the generalization of social protection (8.4 billion DH). The objective is to provide new categories with the same healthcare offers as private sector employees and allow them to have access to public and private hospitals. Another challenge to be taken up is that of the reform of the education and health sectors (+1.8 billion DH), as well as the consolidation of investment projects underway (800 million DH).

These include the continued construction of 17 large, medium and small dams, the construction of the Dakhla Atlantique and Nador West Med ports and the expansion of those in Casablanca and El Jebha, as well as the launch of irrigation projects in several provinces of the Kingdom. Meeting these challenges implies finding the required balance between the implementation of priorities and limiting budgetary constraints which negatively affect the structural balance of public spending, the minister said. And to add that the priorities of the 2022 Finance Law project are the consolidation of the bases of economic recovery, the strengthening of the mechanisms of integration and generalization of social protection, the strengthening of human capital, the reform of the sector. public and the consolidation of governance mechanisms.

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