Muda branded ‘frog party’ for appointing Ainie Haziqah as exco member

PETALING JAYA: The Malaysian United Democratic Alliance (Muda) has come under fire and branded a “frog party” after appointing Ainie Haziqah Shafii as a central executive committee member without holding party elections.

The appointment of Ainie Haziqah, who is a former PKR Srikandi chief and ex Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu) Srikandi exco member, was heavily criticised by Malaysians, with Segambut Muda secretary Hisham Hamzah also asking why Ainie was appointed without “any party elections”.

“I have no problem with her or anyone from anywhere joining us at Muda, as a normal member.

“But if you want a position in the party, much less in the central executive committee, earn it.

“Have party elections and prove to us, 70,000 plus members, why you deserve it,” Hisham said on Twitter.

They also criticised the decision after graphic designer Fahmi Reza posted on Twitter a picture of Muda’s logo but with a frog wearing a pink tudung on the “u” alphabet, believed to be depicting Ainie Haziqah joining the party.

Meanwhile, The Vibes reported Muda vice-president Dr Thanussha Francis Xavier coming into Ainie Haziqah’s defence, saying that Ainie Haziqah is not an elected representative and therefore not bound to any mandate.

She told the portal that even though Muda is a new party and the first party for many of its members, there are some members who were active in other political organisations.

“The onus is on Ainie now to prove herself to Muda, our members and supporters,” Dr Thanussha was quoted as saying.

Meanwhile, Ainie Haziqah said that she accepted all criticism levelled against her and acknowledged that many disagreed with her appointment.

“I know there are many who disagree with this, not to mention the amount of abuse and criticism I received. I accept all these with an open heart.

“My immediate focus would be on helping and assisting Muda’s machinery in the upcoming Johor election,” she said on Twitter.

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