NEJM: Modern's vaccine is more effective than Pfizer's

In a new study published yesterday (Wednesday) in the New England Journal of Medicine and reported by the New York Times , a comparison was made “in the real world” between the effectiveness of a company’s vaccine Pfizer compared to that of a modern company. While the two innovative mRNA-based vaccines have been approved for use it has been said that in terms of efficacy they are both equal. But now it turns out from the new study that the data indicate a little differently: there is a difference, even if it is small, in favor of a “modern” vaccine.

Roughly speaking, about 221 million doses of the “Pfizer” vaccine have already been issued For vaccination in the United States, compared to about 150 million of the “Modern” vaccine. About five comparative studies have been published recently, the most recent of which, as stated in “New England”, and the conclusion that emerges from them: Vaccination “Modern” seems to provide greater protection than the Pfizer vaccine months after the injection.

The latest study evaluated efficacy in the “real world” to prevent symptomatic disease among about 5,000 health care professionals And nurses in 25 U.S. states. The effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine was found to be 88.8%, while that of the Modern is 96.3%. It was also found that the effectiveness of a “modern” vaccine for the prevention of serious illness is in the range of between 92% and 100%, with the Pfizer vaccine lagging behind by about 15% -10%. It was also found that compared to the Delta variant, the “Modern” vaccine is about 30% more effective in prevention.

It was also found that the “Pfizer” vaccine produces one-third to one-half less antibody levels than the one that “Modern” vaccine but the gap is negligible because there are often more than 100 times differences in antibody levels between two healthy people anyway. “Modern” has asked the FDA for approval to give a booster (third dose) at a dose of 50 micrograms – about half the dose of the second dose because the second dose still raises the levels of antibodies in the vaccinated body long after it has been given.

If the gap in efficiency continues to widen, this will also have implications for the debate currently taking place in the US in the context of the booster dose, scientists. Although the difference is not large, it is consistent.

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