New position at Ichilov: Director of LGBT medicine

Ichilov Hospital announced today a new position in the system: Director of LGBT Medicine. The position will be filled by Dr. Roi Zucker, an expert in internal medicine and infectious diseases, who was sent with the help of “Ichilov” to the world’s first internship in this field at Mount Sinai Hospital. In New York.

The management of the House of Experiences stated that “the issue of LGBT medicine is evolving over the years in Western countries that understand that the proud community has special medical needs that require a slightly different approach. Studies in Israel and around the world show that LGBT people use health systems much less and will usually only be treated in ‘no choice’ situations. The direct result is less preventive medicine and more development of background diseases and medical extremes.

“Unfortunately Even when LGBT people are already ready to reach out to therapists, there are many times when they experience discrimination or encounter therapists who do not know how to give the best treatment. Miscellaneous. In his new role as director of LGBT medicine, Dr. Zucker will help strengthen the existing issues at the hospital but will also contribute to the development and bringing resources to issues that have not yet been done enough and the hospital management seeks to emphasize in the near future, such as LGBT geriatrics, adolescent medicine LGBT, the field of addictions among the proud community, accompaniment of proud families, research in the field of LGBT and more.

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