Reasons why you shouldn't take your kids to the mall even though it's allowed

RESTRICTIONS The Community Activities Movement (PPKM) for the period 21 September – 4 October 2021 has allowed children under 12 years of age to enter shopping centers or malls. However, parents are advised not to take their children to travel if it is not too urgent to avoid unwanted things.

As is known, the level of risk of Covid-19 in children is not too big and not too small to cause fatality or death. Especially now that the government has also started the Covid-19 vaccination for children under 12 years of age in order to immediately achieve herd immunity.

Anak Pakai Masker

As quoted from the official Instagram page of the Committee for the Acceleration of Covid-19 and National Economic Recovery (KPCPEN), @lawancovid19_id, Saturday (25/9/2021), although Currently Covid-19 has decreased quite drastically, but that does not mean the pandemic is over. Children can still be infected and infect other people around them.

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If children have to keep going to the mall or shopping center, then parents must be able to ensure that health protocols are followed during their activities. One of them is by implementing the 6M health protocol, namely wearing masks, washing hands, maintaining distance, avoiding crowds, reducing mobility, and not eating together.

In addition, don’t forget to vaccinate against Covid-19 as soon as possible for children under 12 years old. Vaccination is one of the efforts and endeavors to prevent the transmission of Covid-19 to children.


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