Recoverers are entitled to a green card for six months from their diagnosis and after that they will be required to be vaccinated

The Ministry of Health announced this morning (Sunday) a change in policy regarding vaccine vaccines, in preparation for a change in the definition of the vaccinated person in Israel. The Director General of the Ministry of Health, Prof. Nachman Ash, has in recent days held discussions with the relevant professional bodies to examine the policy towards recovering persons, with regard to the green label, in preparation for the policy change starting next Sunday, 3.10.21.

In order to deal with the decline in the protection of recovering patients, and to adapt it to changing the definition of a vaccinee, the Ministry of Health decided that a protected person (entitled to a green label as of 3.10.21) is a person diagnosed with a positive corona blue PCR test. Half a year and in order to be eligible for the green mark from 3.10.21, one vaccine dose must be received. And is protected.

This policy joins the general definition of “vaccinated”: those who received two doses of vaccine, passed at least one week from the second vaccine dose of Pfizer and two weeks from the vaccine dose of Modern (excluding one day The vaccine), and less than six months have elapsed since the second vaccine dose. After vaccination is considered immediately For the vaccinated-recovering.
At this stage, the extension of the green mark for the recovering-vaccinated person will be valid for six months, after which the issue will be re-examined. These decisions will enter into force as part of the change in the definition of the vaccinated person in Israel as of October 3, 21.

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