Shall we walk 'to the scent of the sea in Sokcho' like Park Bo-gum and Song Hye-kyo [Reporter Choi Hyun-tae's travel holic]

Sokcho Dongmyeong Port Yeonggeumjeong Sea where the waves sang/Families enjoying the late summer Peaceful scenery/Sokcho Beach One side of the sea and the other side of the sea pines/Lovers ‘Falling in Love’ / Drama ‘Boyfriend’ filming location Oeongchi Sea scent / 65 years of veil and mysterious scenery gift

Sokcho Yeonggeumjeong sea

The scorching midday sun has cooled down now. It’s been a long time since I left with memories of my youth, who used to sit on the sandy beach with a vigorous swim against the waves and chatter. On a lonely beach that is out of season, only blue waves come and go indifferently. I’m not lonely though. Because the sea is always generous and warmly embraced by its huge size. Let go of all the disturbing memories as you walk along the scent of the Sokcho sea, and bring fresh early autumn into its place.

Dongmyeong Port

#The waves were singing Standing at Yeonggeumjeong

Seasons are always mysterious. Even the grumpy heat of the summer is going to make me look for long-sleeved clothes when the grass dies every time it comes to Chuseok. After the Chuseok holiday, we enter full-fledged autumn, but even on vacation this summer, we couldn’t dive into the sea. It is because of the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19) that does not leave our side. Because of this guy, beaches all over the country were also hastily closed. It’s a pity that I can’t enjoy the summer sea, so I run to the sea in Sokcho, Gangwon to soak my feet.

When it comes to Sokcho, Daepo Port is famous, but it seems too busy, so I went to Dongmyeong Port in the north. On the outer wall of the Dongmyeong Live Fish Center, operated by Suhyup, Sokcho City, there is a large inscription, ‘Only natural products from the East Coast are handled’. It attracts foodies who visit Sokcho because they can taste fresh, wild fish. Sokcho International Passenger Terminal, where passenger ships bound for Russia and China depart, is also located in Dongmyeong Port. It was always a small and friendly port, but seeing it after a long time, a lot has changed. It is very unfamiliar to see a lot of high-rise apartment buildings being built around. It seems that there are only a few days left to see the quiet fishing village. it’s a shame.

Sunrise Pavilion as seen from Yeonggeumjeong Pavilion

Dongmyeong Sea Bridge

As the name suggests, Dongmyeong Port has a bright sun from the East Sea. where it comes to mind. Every New Year, it is crowded from dawn with travelers who want to design the new year with a majestic sunrise. That’s Yeongeumjeong After climbing a little steep stairs, an antique pavilion greets the traveler. Many people have already taken a seat in the famous place, sitting idly and enjoying the beautiful Sokcho sea. Waves constantly crashing against the big rocks below Yeonggeumjeong. Close your eyes and enjoy the wind blowing in your earlobe. As you focus your auditory cells on the sound of the waves, the sea plays a mysterious song in your ear. It feels like the many worries and worries that have weighed on my heart as the waves play are washed away. It was late, but it was good to come even now.

Yeonggeumjeong Pavilion and Sunrise Pavilion

Younggeumjeong sea under Sokcho Observatory

Younggeumjeong (靈琴亭). As the name suggests, it means ‘a pavilion riding a sacred lyre’. There was a strange rock formation resembling a pavilion at the top of the stone mountain towering in the sea. On a clear day, like a skillful player sitting on a rocky mountain and playing a geomungo, the waves played a mysterious and mysterious performance using the stone mountain as an instrument. It seems that even the fairies often played with the mysterious scenery and the playing of the waves. In Joseon dynasty documents such as Kim Jeong-ho’s ‘Daedongjiji’, there is a record that the area around Yeonggeumjeong was called ‘Biseondae (秘仙臺)’. It is also said that fairies secretly descended from the sky at night to bathe and enjoy singing mysterious songs. It must be said that the scenery of Yeonggeumjeong was fascinating. Unfortunately, however, the beautiful Dolsan Mountain disappeared during the Japanese colonial period. When the Japanese imperialists built Sokcho Port, they broke the stone mountain and used it as a stone, and the towering stone mountain became a flat rock with no original shape as it is today. Thanks to the people of Sokcho, who remember the old days, who collected donations and built the present pavilion on a rock in 1998, the sad history of Yeonggeumjeong is surviving. thank God.

The sea of ​​Yeonggeumjeong under Sokcho Observatory

When you climb to Yeonggeumjeong Pavilion, you will see another pavilion under your feet. The sunrise pavilion, which hangs dizzyingly at the end of the Dongmyeong Bridge that stretches toward the sea, was also built in 1997 with the funds collected by the residents. If you want to enjoy Yeonggeumjeong Pavilion even better, you can go to the northern beach. Curiously, in the sea about 10m away from the beach, a towering rock like a folding screen spreads out and traps the clear and transparent sea where the bottom can be seen clearly. It is a great place to play in the water with children in summer because of the wide rock formations and shallow waters. It is peaceful to see a family with a simple chair placed on a rock, soaking their feet with their children, and enjoying the blue sea and sky. However, over the wide rocks, the waves are rough and it is dangerous to go too far. Standing on the rock, you can see both pavilions of Yeonggeumjeong Pavilion and Dongmyeong Haegyo Bridge, and huge waves crashing into foam complete the unforgettable Sokcho seascape.

Sokcho Beach

Lee Cheol-hee’s ‘Falling in Love’ subtitled kiss

#Shall we walk with the scent of the sea like Park Bo-gum and Song Hye-kyo

If you run south from Yeonggeumjeong, you will see Sokcho Beach. It’s about a 10-minute drive away. A large romantic sculpture at the entrance to Sokcho’s representative beach catches the eye. This is the subtitle of ‘Falling in Love: Kiss’ by Lee Cheol-hee. A woman in a dress dragged to the ground. The man who bends her waist to the fullest and kisses her like a movie is a figure in love. It is a wonderful piece that goes well with the beach where lovers visit a lot. There are also sculptures showing distances and directions to cities around the world, and the ‘2♡2’ sculpture with hearts in the 2020s is also interesting. If you stand up straight like a ‘1’ at the right end, ‘2021’ is completed. Every year, you can see travelers who make a number in a funny pose and take a certification shot.

Sokcho Beach Surfing

Sokcho Beach Haesongsseoumgil

There are various photo zones, such as a framed sculpture and a ‘ㅅㅎ’ sculpture named after the initial surname of Sokcho, so there is no room for boredom. Various photo zones such as red crab sculptures are installed on the 120-meter-long breakwater that has been renewed at the Jodo Observatory, so it is good to take beautiful photos. In the sea to the left of the breakwater, a group of young people enjoy surfing with the background of Yeonggeumjeong Pavilion and the Sokcho Lighthouse Observatory built on a high hill behind it. envy. To them, it seems that Sokcho Beach is still summer. On the beach, lovers sit on mats and spend a sweet time with the waves as they stroke Jodo floating alone on the sea. Sokcho Beach has a haesong forest, so it is good to take a leisurely walk. It looks like you are in a deep forest with dense pine trees that bend and grow gracefully.

Oeongchi Beach Sea Hyangro

Oeongchi Beach Sea Hyangro Madang Bau

Oeongchi Sea Hyanggi at the southern end of Sokcho Beach is a relatively ‘new’ travel destination. The secret that had been hidden for 65 years was only revealed in 2018. From Oeongchi Beach to Oeongchi Port to the south along the sea, the deck and dirt road will lead you to fall in love with the beauty of the Sokcho sea. All sections of Badahyanggi including Sokcho Beach are 1.74km, of which the Oeongchi section is about 900m long. Oeongchi Beach, which used to be a civilian access control area after the Korean War, was completely isolated after the infiltration of armed communists in Uljin and Samcheok in 1968.

Oeongchi Beach Sea Hyangro ‘Boyfriend’ Observatory

Drama ‘Boyfriend’ Photo Zone

Thanks to this, the natural beauty remains intact. Passing Oeongchi Beach – Rock Observation Trail – Anbo Experience Path – Sky Deck Path – Bamboo Meditation Path, it leads to Oeongchi Port and takes about 40 minutes round trip. As part of the section was lost due to a typhoon last year, only half of the section from Oeongchi Beach to Observatory 1 can now be visited. The journey begins at the white arched wall with the words ‘Sokcho Oeongchi’ written on it. You can capture both Oeongchi Beach and Jodo in the arch, so leave a photo and walk along the promenade. Various strange rocks and waves on the beach harmonize, creating a very romantic landscape. Above all, it is a great attraction to be able to embrace the sea while walking without missing a single moment of the sea scenery.

Observatory with sea scent on the beach

If you pass by Haegoobawi Rock, where seals often come and play, you can’t see it. An iron fence appears. To remember the sad history, some iron fences were left, but a heart sculpture was installed on the iron fence to bring out the romantic atmosphere. The view of the sea through the rusty iron fence is also unique. Lovers are busy taking pictures while drawing a hand heart next to the heart. When you cross the hill on the security experience road, a simple observatory with a bench installed under the stairs appears. When you stand at the end, the panoramic view of the blue sea that is close enough to touch is spectacular. On the floor in front of the bench, ‘Boyfriend Filming Location’ was written. In the drama, the road that Park Bo-gum and Song Hye-kyo walked is called the sea. Couples sitting on a bench and lovingly enjoying the sea view. There is no drama protagonist.

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