Taking Waseda University Exams, Jerome Polin: My Chemistry Scores Zero

Educational content creator, Jerome Polin, is again sharing fun and educational videos on his YouTube channel. The 23-year-old man is one of the recipients of a scholarship at Waseda University, Japan.

Many fans, now Jerome’s Nihongo Mantappu channel has reached more than 7.3 million subscribers. Having an interest in education, Jerome often creates content about science competitions. This time, Jerome invited a special guest star to have fun together, namely Erika Ebisawa, a former member of JKT48 who now lives in Japan.

Erika dan Jerome

Previously, Jerome Polin and Erika Ebisawa often created collaborative content which entertained many fans. In addition to vlogs, the two have held science battles several times such as Indonesian, Japanese, and general knowledge. After being busy with college activities, finally the two of them got the opportunity to make another video, namely a biology lesson battle.

Erika also admitted that biology is one of her favorite subjects. While discussing subjects in high school, Jerome revealed something unexpected. Jerome said that when he took the written test to enter Waseda University, his chemistry test score got a score of zero.

“Fun fact, I did the Waseda test, right, there was math, physics, chemistry, right. My chemistry is zero,” said Jerome.

“You didn’t fill in?” Erika asked.

“I filled it out but it was all wrong. Then when I was interviewed, I was told that your math score was perfect, really high, ‘you’re the highest among the others, physics is okay, standard, your chemistry is zero’” said Jerome.

“Luckily he applied majoring in mathematics” joked Erika.

“Fortunately my math score is high, so the total score was fulfilled through the passing grade” said Jerome.

Hearing Jerome’s expression, Erika was shocked and couldn’t believe it. But Jerome managed to pass all the tests and eventually became a scholarship recipient at Waseda University. After discussing the subjects, the two of them started a biology battle using junior high school questions. For those who are already curious, let’s watch the full video only on the Nihongo Mantappu YouTube channel!

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