The Covid-19 Pandemic is Not Over, Keep Your Health and Body Immunity

PROGRESS The handling of Covid-19 cases in Indonesia continues to improve. Covid-19 cases tend to decrease. President Joko Widodo invites residents to prepare themselves from the pandemic to the Covid-19 endemic.

In what time is the daily case below 10,000 cases. The healing rate rose to 95.3% or exceeded the figure of 3,996,125 people (, 20/09/2021). However, during the same period in 3 provinces in Java the number of daily positive cases was still the highest, namely in East Java with 234 cases, Central Java with 219 cases and West Java with 170 cases.

Jokowi said, Covid-19 is not going away anytime soon. Strict application of health protocols and vaccinations are the best ways to protect yourself from the spread of COVID-19.

In addition to maintaining health protocols and carrying out vaccinations, what is also important is maintaining health and body immunity. Efforts to maintain immunity can be done by maintaining food intake with balanced nutrition, consuming vitamins, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including adequate rest and regular exercise.

Doctor Henry Suhendra, in a webinar entitled “ Consumption of Vitamin D and a Healthy Lifestyle to Prevent COVID-19 “said that vitamins have an important role for the body, one of which is vitamin D which can increase the body’s immunity. Vitamin D can be obtained from eating foods that have a high vitamin D content.


Not only that, vitamin D can be obtained by sunbathing in the sun. in the morning sun and take supplements. According to dr. Henry, in taking supplements, everyone has a different dose.

“People are advised not to take vitamin D carelessly. Consult with a doctor first to find out the dose of vitamin D that is appropriate for the body’s condition so as not to overdo it,” explained Dr. Henry (, Thursday (12/8/2021).

Implementing a healthy lifestyle also means regular exercise.Exercise habits, good stress management, and adequate rest are important concepts in living a healthy lifestyle.

In the same webinar, bodybuilder Ade Rai said, sports activities are also very important, because by exercising the body has protection from within.

“The application of health protocols “It’s not enough. In a pandemic like this, we also need protection from within that doesn’t only come from thoughts and energy, but also in terms of movement activities, namely sports,” said Ade Rai (, Thursday, 12/8/2021). ).

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