“The unvaccinated decide to commit suicide and take the place of other patients”

Prof. Idit Matot, director of the anesthesia and intensive care unit at Ichilov, called the unvaccinated “people who decided to commit suicide.” In an interview given on Saturday on Channel 12 , staffs criticized the conduct of government ministers and argued for lack of clarity and decisiveness on their part regarding restrictions on the unvaccinated.

“The problem at the moment, or the big event here right now, is the young people who are not vaccinated,” said Prof. Matot. Recovering in terms of the virus in the blood. But those young people who recovered have not yet fully recovered from the disease. They are transferred from the corona complexes to the intensive care unit of the non-corona and in fact take the place of a different patient population, such as trauma victims or transplant recipients or those who have undergone surgery. We need to choose places where they are hospitalized. It is possible to prevent this situation. This situation affects not only the unvaccinated, who decide to commit suicide, but all of us. “

Prof. Matot pointed to the” lack of clarity resulting from the conduct of the government. As a government they (the ministers) need to be much more decisive. Do not start with the restrictions. I do not have to pay a price for the non-vaccinated population. These things are blurry, they are afraid and unpleasant for them to say. We have to come up with this unequivocally: either you are currently getting vaccinated or you are being tested every three days. “

The new ones, only 3% are fully vaccinated, 70% have not been vaccinated at all and the rest have not been fully vaccinated. So why should these 3% suffer? The only thing the government needs to do is say that all vaccinated people have no restrictions and all non-vaccinated people, who do not want to be tested, must be tested twice a week, otherwise it is just lawlessness. “

: “The problem is not in stock but in the manpower to operate these devices. It does not exist. To me, this is one of the biggest failures that a year and a half into the epidemic, medical teams have not doubled. There are two things we really need to plead with the government: impose clearer and tougher restrictions on the unvaccinated and the second thing is to give money to the Ministry of Health. We owe more and more staff. Those who exist are very tired “.

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