Time can't be played back, this is why face-to-face school is important

The decrease in the number of positive cases of Covid-19 in Indonesia has prompted the government to reopen several schools. Face-to-face learning (PTM) can also be carried out in several areas, of course with strict health protocols.

However, problems arose after several schools reported that a number of students were exposed to Covid-19. A number of school clusters have sprung up as a result of the reopening of PTM.

Epidemiologist at Grifftith University Australia, Dicky Budiman, said that the government’s move to restart PTM was the right decision. PTM should be a priority compared to opening up other sectors. Because this is a problem for the future, and the education of children can’t go back in time.

“Children need stimulation not only from videos, but also directly, such as activities and playing. And times like this can’t come back again, so if you miss it, you will lose big. Therefore, the strategy that must be carried out by the government in every sector and level must be able to support or side with children,” said Dicky, when contacted by MNC Portal, Friday (24/9/2021).

Furthermore, Dicky explained, in the grand scheme of the pandemic strategy, schools were the last sector to be closed and at the end of the pandemic the first sector to open. This concept has not changed from decades ago until now.

Therefore, awareness of the role of the school’s position makes all parties aware that they must take sides by minimizing risk.

“Minimizing the risk by implementing a 3T system transparently and the data must be valid. If the data is not valid, it will create a downturn in the situation, but the existence of this cluster proves otherwise that the data is invalid. This is also an example that if the testing is done properly, we will know the real condition,” he concluded.


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