TNT repositions for youth, talent development

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Nigeria’s leading entertainment TV station and youth-driven first choice, TNT popularly known as Tiwa ‘N’ Tiwa has repositioned its entertainment channel to inspire youths for talent development among other categories of Nigerian viewers.

Since its inception, the TV station has encouraged a lot of Nigerian youths who have talents in music and entertainment to harness the opportunity and benefits accruing in the entertainment industry for self-reliance, job creation and achievement.

Presently, newly-introduced programmes are inspiring more youths to develop their talents thereby reducing the rate of unemployment among the youths.

 According to the Group Managing Director, of TNT TV Group, Dr. Damilola Adefemi, the fast-growing TV channel that serves all social classes in Nigeria has not only discovered that a lot of Nigerian youths are talented in music and entertainment but there is also job creation and money making in the industry if the youths can be assisted to harness their potentials.

Continuing, she said: “The most interesting aspect of it is that the kind of talents the youths are showcasing in the TV station is amazing, as it’s becoming more competitive with big brands identifying with them”.

 Revealing the objectives of the rebranded TV station in a media chat, Dr. Damilola Adefemi said: “Catching more youths with talent in music speaks volumes of the objectives, while we are trying to make the station more social and more trending.

“Most of our programmes are youth-friendly, and actually the trending TV station or channel now across 26 states and 50 cities in Nigeria. We have been able to really redefine entertainment for Nigerian entertainment viewers because we discovered that over time people are made to view or exposed to what they are not keen on viewing. Most television stations create programs that are not relevant or that viewers don’t want to watch. So we have actually taken time to study and understand the nature of our Nigerian television viewers and we have come up with a devout TV channel of entertainment, music, lifestyle and movies including sports”.

However, Adefemi said “The station is also out to promote typical Nigerian culture which we call Nigerian project; Nigerian music, movie, entertainment and news. “We are taking Nigeria to the world and that is what we stand for. We are projecting Nigeria to Nigerians, Africans in Africa and diaspora”.

Dr. Damilola Adefemi said further that “apart from showcasing music, entertainment, culture, we have the Maths made-easy programme which teaches students how to solve maths because we have discovered that Maths is a major challenge for many Nigerian students and youths. The programme simplifies Maths to their understanding so that they will not be avoiding Maths. And we have other upcoming programmes that will teach science and technology”.

She said further that, “TNT is presently accessible on Star Times: Chanel 171, DSTV: 371, Gotv channel 131. We are also expanding towards free-to-air satellite where more Nigerians would have access to our TV channel. Also, we are working to get all other available channels because all our distribution is about, the more platforms you are on, the more viewers you get. Our intention is to cover the whole of Nigeria because this is a Nigerian project.

 “It is purely a Nigerian indigenous channel where other ethnic tribes can showcase what they are known for, listen to and enjoy their tribal music and entertainment while they also advertise their brands and that is why we are unique. They can access TNT in their different states and locations. So, we cover the whole of Nigeria and entertain all Nigerians, whether Christian or Muslim, no matter your religion.

“We see every Nigeria as one and we tend to entertain everybody and give them the best of what they want to view. That is why we have now become a devout channel where everybody is tuning to Tiwa ‘N’ Tiwa because they can all associate with the channel in one way or the other. So, people can understand what we are doing. We run programmes in different languages”.

For a better society

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