Until the heavy snow on the first day of resumption of social distancing… Self-employed people sigh and close at 9:00

Hansan restaurants and movie theaters in downtown areas such as Gangnam and Hongdae… “It’s a big part, but 70% of sales are missing”

A busy street near Gangnam, which is quiet due to strengthening social distancing. yunhap news

On Saturday, the 18th, restaurants and pubs in downtown areas such as Gangnam and Hongdae, which were expected as it was the end of the year, prepared to close before 9 pm.

From this day on, ‘Private gatherings for 4 people, restaurants open until 9pm’ are being implemented again. From the point of view of the self-employed, they all sighed as they had to send out their grateful guests early even in the heavy snow and cold, which were making matters worse. A part-time student in his 20s who was cleaning up empty glasses at a beer bar near Hongdae said, “It snowed in the afternoon and it was cold, so there were about 30% fewer customers than last weekend.” Kim Mo, a 30-year-old head of a Japanese restaurant in Gangnam, also said, “All reservations have been canceled and even if you come in, you won’t get a second vaccination. “There are more people than I thought,” he said. “It’s the end of the year, but sales have fallen by more than 70%. I couldn’t sell the live fish and fresh fish I ordered yesterday, and I have some left over today, so I’m struggling to meet the demand.” Even a karaoke room in Hongik University was busy cleaning up. CEO Yoon Jong-su (57) said, “It’s difficult because business is limited to 9 pm, but what can I do now?” He said there were 5 teams left, but they were all scheduled to leave in 10 minutes.
Another karaoke worker nearby, a 36-year-old aunt, said, “9pm is too strict. Most of them, but I didn’t even get 10 teams today.” No guests showed up. Perhaps because of the sudden resumption of social distancing, some establishments had trouble with customers who were unfamiliar with the restaurant business hours restrictions.

At a gopchang restaurant in Gangnam, the last customer called a surrogate driver and waited until 9:20 to leave.

Manager of a pub in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu (29) ) said, “We have been distancing from 0 today, but we couldn’t get a taxi and it was cold, so we couldn’t let drunk customers out. . He complained, “Now it’s a battle of getting caught or avoided.”

A movie theater near Hongdae, which is quiet in Ganghwa. yunhap news

The movie theaters and PC rooms, which have to close at 10pm, were also sluggish.

At 9:30 pm, all lights were off in the lobby of Megabox Hongdae, and it was difficult to find staff. At 9:37 pm, customers left one after another in one theater where ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ was screened. It was the last movie of the day. I like to watch late-night movies, but should I restrict business even to movie theaters that wear masks?”

Han Hyung-seok (33), who visited the cinema kiosk to buy popcorn for his girlfriend on a date, turned away saying, “I didn’t know the kiosk might have already closed. I’m embarrassed.”

Mo (29) Kim, who helps with the PC room run by his brother in Apgujeong-dong, said, “We live 24 hours a day. It’s an industry, so it’s a big loss. Even with a step-by-step recovery, the actual recovery takes time, so I’ll kill you again.”

Another PC room manager nearby (39) said, “Every time a new quarantine policy is implemented, the number of customers decreases. In particular, business hours are also limited, but because of the quarantine pass, sales are reduced before Corona 19. Not even 30% of it,” he said.

The subway and bus stops were crowded with citizens rushing home around 9 and 10, the closing time. In sub-zero weather, taxis were difficult to catch or the bus was delayed. Occasionally, voices from citizens passing by the street were heard complaining, “Who the hell is thinking of limiting business at 9 pm?”

Seongmo (23), a university student on leave of absence who was returning home from drinking with three friends near Hongdae, said, “It’s 9 o’clock, so I haven’t gotten drunk yet, so it’s a pity that I can’t help it.” Jomo (23), who works part-time at a language school, also said that several year-end appointments were canceled. He said that all the gatherings with friends at Christmas and the year-end gatherings in his hometown were all messed up, and he exclaimed, “The quarantine policy tightened and loosened at will.”

On the other hand, Seongmo (25), an office worker, sympathized with the reinforced distancing again, saying, “It is unfortunate for the self-employed, but think of the Corona 19 patients who died because there were no beds and their families.”


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