Vegetables that protect eyesight, improve digestion and support heart function. Do you eat it regularly?

Like its orange “cousins” – carrots or sweet potatoes, pumpkins are rich in beta-carotene. The body converts this antioxidant into vitamin A. “The therapeutic effects for men in menopause and on the treatment of the prostate are very promising, so far in research,” says nutritionist Mária Kleňová. According to her, the seeds contain substances that help regulate urination in an enlarged prostate. They have a beneficial effect on the liver, joints and eyes. “In some countries, these substances are obtained for pharmacological purposes mainly from seed husks,” he adds.

1. To improve eyesight
About half of the pumpkin already provides the recommended daily dose of vitamin A, which is great for eyesight. It helps not only to have healthy eyes, but also clearer vision. Pumpkin is also one of the best sources of lutein (it belongs to the group of carotenoids), which also has a beneficial effect on eye function.

2. Reduces the risk of cancer
Studies show that if you eat pumpkins or foods rich in vitamin A, you help prevent certain types of cancer, such as lung or prostate.

3. Improves immunity
In addition to beta-carotene, pumpkin also contains a number of vitamins, such as C, E, iron, all of which contribute to strengthening the immune system . The body is better able to fight infections

4. Helps hypertension
The deep orange color of the pumpkin is also a sign that it is full of potassium. This is crucial for lowering blood pressure. Unsalted pumpkin seeds are also overflowing with minerals and plant sterols, which increase HDL cholesterol (the so-called good) and also help keep blood pressure low.
Studies show that higher Potassium levels can reduce the risk of stroke, kidney stones and type 2 diabetes. Another bonus is that potassium can increase bone density and improve bone health.

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