Video: Rabe attacks Google delivery drone

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The “Wing” service has to stop the drone deliveries in Australia while the birds are defending their nests.

Google has been operating since 2019 a drone delivery system in Canberra, Australia . That had to be stopped temporarily in some regions. The reason for this is the increasing number of attacks by ravens. Like the Canberra Times reports, the animals see the drones as a danger to their nests.

User Ben Roberts was able to record a video of such an attack. In the YouTube video you can see the bird pulling on the drone. The drone then drops its cargo on the ground. To the Canberra Times, Roberts said of the ravens, “They think this is a terminator”.

Demand for drone delivery increased

The delivery system Wing is operated by Google Alphabet . Products such as food, medicine or office supplies are delivered to the residents in this way. Since Canberra is currently in lockdown due to the coronavirus, the demand for the delivery method has increased.

Wing said in a statement to ABC News Australia : “We noticed that some birds show territorial behavior and pounce on moving objects “. This is normal during the nesting season, but ornithologists should be consulted anyway. They want to guarantee that the drones only have a minimal impact on the environment. In the meantime, the delivery to certain areas is stopped.

In addition to ravens, magpies, falcons and eagles are also attacking the drones. According to Wing, this is very rare, but there are certain precautions so that drones can continue to fly safely and deliver their goods even after they have encountered birds. Wing did not describe what these precautions are.

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