Voting Sunday: will marriage come for everyone?

Switzerland opens marriage to homosexual couples. The people are clearly behind the bill in the referendum vote. The no to the initiative for a stronger taxation of high capital income is just as clear. Here is the voting Sunday for reading.

Homosexuelle Paare können künftig auch in der Schweiz heiraten.

In the future, homosexual couples can also get married in Switzerland.

Peter Schneider / Keystone

The essentials in brief

Results of the federal votes of September 26, 2021

No × 1 024 167

1 828 427 × Yes

26/26 cantons counted out

last update 5 days ago

Sources: BfS, Cantons, SRF

No × 1 823 056

986 901 × Yes

26/26 cantons counted

last update 5 days ago

Sources: BfS, Cantons, SRF

4:53 pm

With the summary of the Federal Council Media Conference, we conclude the live reporting on this voting Sunday. We thank you very much for your interest and recommend the Live coverage of the Bundestag elections in Germany whose output is expected with voltage.

4:30 pm

Of the Federal Council be satisfied with the rejection of the 99 percent initiative , declared Chief Financial Officer Ueli Maurer in front of the media. The initiative had a popular title, but the debate – if it took place – was pragmatic and constructive. In his opinion, the majority of the population had the impression that the redistribution was sufficient as it is currently organized. Maurer mentioned the strong progression in federal taxes, social benefits and also the wealth tax. This is a relatively balanced system that is in danger if you make decisive changes to individual points. The debates about tax reforms continue, as Maurer explained. Several different projects are currently underway, including relief from VAT, the abolition of the marriage penalty and also dealing with the profit tax reform of the OECD.

Federal Councilor Karin Keller-Sutter was pleased that all cantons had agreed to marriage for all. With the decision on Sunday, marriage is open to everyone, both same-sex and different-sex couples. The state should not dictate how people organize their private life. According to Keller-Sutter, it is a symbolic decision. “It’s a form of recognition,” said the Justice Minister. According to Keller-Sutter, the will of the people should be implemented quickly. According to today’s planning, the law is due on 1. Enter into force July 2022 . From this point onwards you can marry and convert into marriage without any bureaucracy. Keller-Sutter currently sees no reason for further changes to the legal Regulation of reproductive medicine . A sperm donation must be entered in a database of the Federal Office of Justice. For surrogacy, which is constitutionally prohibited, Keller-Sutter sees no room for maneuver. Serious legal and ethical questions would arise in this context.

3:55 pm

That Ticino was the last canton to count the votes. It is now also certain that all cantons have agreed to marriage for all. At 52.9 percent, however, the yes in Ticino was relatively tight. Around the Swiss average, the No to the 99 percent initiative moved. 65.5 percent rejected it.

3:26 pm

The FDP continues to eat hard bread in the cities. With Solothurn the liberals lose the presidium in another larger city. The voters of the ambassador city elected the SP woman Stefanie Ingold as the new city president on Sunday. In the second ballot it achieved around 300 votes more than its competitor Markus Schüpbach from the FDP. He would have succeeded the resigning Kurt Fluri , which the Canton of Solothurn in the Council of States represents. The left trend in urban regions throughout the country, which has persisted for several years, continues.

15:10 Clock

According to Lukas Golder from GfS Bern, the turnout on this federal voting Sunday was around 52 percent. That is much lower than last June, when the agricultural initiatives mobilized very strongly, especially in rural areas. But the current value is also still above average thanks to the high participation in the cities.

In recent times, the turnout only climbed well over 60 percent for the submission of the deportation of criminal foreigners

Average participation in all votes since 2000, in percent


28. February 2016. Vote on the deportation of criminal foreigners.


13. June 2021. Strong mobilization in rural areas through agricultural initiatives.

2:55 pm

In various Aargau municipalities the voters elected their representatives to the municipal authorities on Sunday. Initial results show that the left is continuing to grow in the small towns. In contrast, the SVP . In the canton capital Aarau, the SP woman Silvia Dell’Aquila was elected to the seven-member executive in addition to the previous ones. The SVP failed in its attempt to re-enter the city government. In Lenzburg, the SP won a second mandate and the GLP moves into the city government for the first time. Here, too, the loser is the SVP, which was unable to defend its seat.

2:47 pm

The Canton Bern anchors the Climate protection in its cantonal constitution. The canton should be climate neutral by 2050. The approval was high with 64 percent of the votes in favor. Only the SVP has spoken out against the constitutional article, which does not specify any concrete measures. The no-votes to the constitutional article came primarily from the rural parts of the canton.

2:42 pm

In the Canton of Friborg conquers the middle one Seat of the Council of States from the SP. In the replacement election for the seat of Christian Levrat, who had been appointed Post President, the former State Councilor Isabelle Chassot opposed the SP Oberamtmann Carl-Alex Ridoré clearly through. Chassot has been Director of the Federal Office of Culture since 2013.

Isabelle Chassot zieht in den Ständerat ein.

Isabelle Chassot joins the Council of States.

Laurent Gillieron / Keystone

2:18 pm

In the canton Solothurn , the municipalities may not give foreigners with a permanent residence permit and right to vote Grant community level. A corresponding popular initiative was clearly rejected by the voters with 73 percent “no”. It was already the fourth attempt for the foreigners’ voting rights in the canton of Solothurn.

2:13 pm
The Young Socialists As expected, their initiative clearly failed. Your reaction is to be interpreted primarily as a thank you to those who got involved in the voting campaign.

2:01 pm

Of the Canton Uri does not become a Swiss pioneer and does not lead the Age of voting and voting rights 16 a. A corresponding proposal was rejected by the electorate with 68.4 percent no. All municipalities speak out against the project. The result comes as a surprise, as the government council and all parties with the exception of the SVP had recommended the matter for acceptance. The clear result is also likely to be a setback for efforts to lower the voting age at the national level. The canton of Glarus remains the only canton in which young people aged 16 and over can vote on cantonal proposals.


Also in the traditional left-wing Canton of Jura has the 99 percent initiative. The Juso concern is rejected with 53.1 percent no. The Jurassians accept marriage for everyone with 61.1 percent.


The rejection of the 99 percent initiative is definitive. With the no from the canton of Aargau it is clear that they More missed . The popular majority is also far out of reach, as the extrapolation shows.

– Canton of Aargau (@kantonaargau ) September 26, 2021

1:37 pm

As before, they all point Once the cantons have been counted, a yes majority to the new vote for all. So far, approval has been the narrowest with 50.8 percent in Canton of Appenzell Innerrhoden . There is a clear no to the 99 percent initiative with over 76 percent.

1:29 pm

Of the Swiss Trade Association (SGV) welcomes in a statement the powerful rejection of the 99 percent initiative by the sovereign. The result is a clear no to new taxes and at the same time a commitment to Switzerland as a business location. The Swiss electorate was not influenced by the socialist envy policy, writes the SGV. The sovereign clearly confirmed that performance must be worthwhile.

1:26 pm

In Canton Zug would probably be some residents of the 99 percent initiative been affected. The proportion of no votes is correspondingly high at 76.8 percent. So far only Nidwalden has said no more clearly. The marriage for everyone is approved by 66.1 percent in Zug.

1:22 pm

No canton has left the trend yet. Also the Obwalden accept marriage for everyone with 59.3 Percent. The 99 percent initiative is sunk with a no-vote share of 75 percent.

13 : 6 p.m.

The Canton of Schwyz is generally considered to be most conservative patch throughout the country. Here, too, the voters accept marriage for all with 56.5 percent. The 99 percent initiative, which is rejected with 76.6 percent No.

01:05 p.m.

The Canton Basel-Landschaft does not come as a surprise. Marriage for all finds a majority of 67.2 percent here. The 99 percent initiative is possible in the home canton by Juso boss Ronja Jansen not to to convince. The proportion of votes against is 67.3 percent.

01:05 pm

Once yes and once no, the Canton of Schaffhausen : Marriage for everyone is accepted with almost 62 percent yes, the Juso initiative, however, rejected with a good 65 percent.

01:01 p.m.

Slightly less high than in other parts of the country falls there s Yes to marriage for everyone in Valais the end. After all, the proponents bring it to 55.5 percent yes. The Juso initiative has no chance with 71 percent no.

12:56 pm

The results from the Canton of Glarus correspond to the national trend. Marriage for everyone finds approval with a yes share of 61.1 percent. The capital taxation initiative is rejected with 67.4 percent No.

12:55 pm

Appenzell Ausserrhoden also says yes to marriage for everyone. The proportion of supporters is 57.2 percent. At the same time, almost 70 percent say no to the Juso initiative.

12:49 pm

From the Canton of Grisons, in line with the national trend, a clear yes and a clear No:

# Abst21 # AbstGR # CHVote
🗳️The results of today’s Volksabst Immigration in the canton of Graubünden to 101 of 101 municipalities: # 99Initiative 70.8% No, # marriage all 62.75% Yes

– Canton of Graubünden (@Kanton_GR)

September 26, 2021
12:47 pm

Juso President Ronja Jansen was disappointed. After all, it was not denied in the voting that there was a distribution problem in Switzerland. That’s what we’ll fight for. The Juso is working out another initiative that wants to tax the wealth of the richest more heavily. According to Economiesuisse director Monika Rühl the Swiss did not want to buy a pig in a poke and therefore rejected the 99 percent initiative. It is correct that there is no further taxation. This would have an impact on start-ups and family businesses. In connection with the new Juso project, Rühl spoke of a «Expropriation Initiative» .

12:43 pm

Michael Rudin , Co-President of the Gay Organization Pink Cross said that Yes to marriage for everyone is “emotionally powerful”. It is a huge victory for human rights, but there are still issues where equality has not yet been achieved.

Against the template Timmy Frischknecht committed, President of the young EDU. Sperm donated children of lesbian couples have no way of developing a relationship with their own father, he said. With this template one looked more at what the adults wanted and less at the children.

12:38 pm

For Lukas Golder the yes to marriage for everyone is the continuation of a megatrend from the private to society. They want to be dictated as little as possible. This makes society more colorful and diverse. Above all, the question of sperm donation and not the principle of marriage all polarized. This is a huge change compared to 2005 , than taken a cautious step with the registered partnership has been. Golder did not consider the likely yes share of the vote in the 99 percent initiative to be a respectable success.

12:27 pm

Of the Kanton Aargau with its interim result is in line with the trend calculation in the federal submissions: Yes to marriage for everyone, no to the 99 percent initiative:

12:24 pm

The Green National Councilor Regula Rytz regrets the foreseeable No to the 99 percent initiative . The result has become apparent, she said in an interview with SRF. The opponents had not even dealt with the content of the bill, but only criticized the sender – the Young Socialists. But the initiative would have been moderate. Now it is a matter of looking for other ways to promote justice.

National Council Thomas Rechsteiner (middle, Appenzell Innerrhoden), however, said that the voters had read the bill carefully and therefore sent it bachab. It would have been grotesque to pump billions into the economy on the one hand and to increase taxes on the other.

12:22 pm

Even before the Sunday of the vote, it was fairly certain that there would be a yes to marriage for everyone across Switzerland. It was particularly curious to see how the template would appear in conservative regions would cut off. A first result indicates that there will be clear approval here too. The Canton of Nidwalden accepted the proposal with 61.6 percent yes-votes. This clarity is surprising. It is less surprising that the 99 percent initiative was rejected by 77.4 percent.

12 : 4 p.m.

Anian Liebrand , the head of the no campaign , spoke to SRF about a fundamental breach of the dam, which is regrettable. At least he was satisfied that the opponents of marriage had one Debate about sperm donation and child welfare could stimulate. In addition, the no-camp could have caught up in the last few weeks. There is no right to a child, said Liebrand. Many people would never have found out in the voting campaign that it was not only about marriage, but also about children.

12:13 pm

The Advocates take the foreseeable yes to marriage for all with pleasure. For him it is the climax of a decades-long commitment to marriage for everyone, said the Lucerne National Councilor Michael Töngi (gp.) On television SRF. He is very happy that society is open to these issues. A lot has happened there s is very important for many people in Switzerland. He will continue to campaign for equality so that coming-out will be even easier in the future.

12:07 pm

Of the Political scientist Lukas Golder from the research institute GfS Bern told SRF television that primarily cities and leftists voted for marriage for all. For the 99 percent, Golder reckons with around two thirds no. According to Golder, both results are no surprise. The Federal Council and Parliament are the winners in both cases. Marriage for everyone has met with broad acceptance that would have been unthinkable a few decades ago. The discussion about the two drafts was more relaxed than about drafts like the CO2 law. According to Golder, this means that the authorities are enjoying more trust again. However, this could look different with other proposals such as the vote on the Covid-19 law in November.

12:00 o’clock

In the Canton of Grisons there is clear approval of marriage for everyone. After 90 counted municipalities out of a total of 101, the yes share is 61.1 percent. The 99 percent initiative, however, remains below 30 percent yes votes.

11 : 44 o’clock

It’s a busy Sunday for those interested in politics, and the weather may make some alternatives to news consumption unattractive. So we would like to welcome you to our live reporting on Swiss voting Sunday. Here we keep you informed about the results and reactions to the federal votes on marriage for all and the 99 percent initiative. A first national trend will be available after the polling stations close at 12 noon. We will also briefly report individual results on cantonal or communal ballots here in the afternoon.

The Swiss will of the people will already have manifested itself when the outcome of the Bundestag election begins to emerge in Germany . Forecasts and projections are expected there from 6 p.m. In addition we are also reporting live .

To the starting position

For once, the marriage is not decided in the registry office, but at the ballot box. The Swiss electorate will decide on Sunday whether same-sex couples will be allowed to marry in the future. And it looks like it will say yes, just like Parliament did last December. Representatives of the EDU, the SVP and a few from the middle have called the referendum, so that the bill is now before the people. The opponents want to protect the marriage as a community of man and woman.

For the majority in parliament and presumably also in the people, however, the focus is on homosexuals also in to finally equate this question. According to the surveys in advance the template is widely supported. The only reason the pollsters at GfS Bern did not dare to agree to a yes ahead of time was because a no trend had set in between the two waves of the survey. This is rather unusual for government documents. However, around three weeks before the vote, the situation remained clearly in favor of the advocates of marriage for everyone.

Clear lead for the yes camp

Voting intentions for marriage for all

  • intended for
  • rather for it
  • I do not know
  • rather against it
  • determined on the other hand

Current survey from 15.09.2021






1. Survey from 08/19/2021






If marriage is actually liberalized, homosexual couples also have the option of adopting children . Lesbian couples also have access to sperm donation in Swiss reproductive clinics. Most countries in Western Europe have long introduced marriage for same-sex couples. The Netherlands had preceded it in 2001. Switzerland has known the registered partnership since 2007, which is equivalent to marriage in terms of taxes or naming rights, but not in terms of access to adoption, reproductive medicine or naturalization.

While the civil code is likely to experience a change on voting Sunday, the federal constitution is likely to remain as it is. In any case, the 99 percent initiative of the Young Socialists is given little chance of acceptance. As is often the case with initiatives, support for this referendum has decreased in the course of the referendum campaign. In the second SRF trend survey, the submission clearly missed the people’s majority, especially since it would also have to take the hurdle of the number of estates in order to be accepted. And for a submission with weak approval in the country, this is significantly higher.

Consent eroded

Voting intentions for the 99 percent initiative

  • intended for
  • rather for it
  • I do not know
  • rather against it
  • determines

Current survey from 15.09.2021






1. Survey from 08/19/2021






Outside of left strongholds there is hardly any majority for the 99 percent -Initiative to be expected. It got its name from the fact that the initiators the richest percent of Swiss people want to meet in order to combat inequalities. They suggest taxing high capital income more heavily, i.e. profits from dividends, stock market transactions or renting out apartments. The estimated 10 billion Swiss francs that this would bring in are intended to support people with low and middle incomes.

First indications of the outcome of the vote are expected shortly after 12 noon. Then an initial trend calculation from GfS Bern should be available. From 12:30 p.m., the percentage of approval or rejection should also be apparent. We will keep you up to date on the results and reactions live from noon.

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