Gov Bala restates commitment to economic growth

Bauchi Governor, Sen Bala has restated his administration’s commitment to economic recovery and growth, inviting investors to take advantage of the myriad opportunities created in the state to invest.

The Governor stated this on Monday while addressing participants of the ongoing 15th North East Joint Domestic Trade Fair taking place at Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida Square, Bauchi at Bauchi Day. 

He said that the trade fair provides a platform for businesses to connect, innovate, and grow just as he also appealed to the visitors and Bauchi citizens to judiciously take advantage of the firsthand opportunities that abound in Bauchi State and the North East at large.

The Governor revealed that recognizing the critical role of entrepreneurship in driving development, his government will continue to create a conducive environment that enables both citizens and foreigners to bring about more development in the state. 

He added that the state is blessed with vast and fertile arable land, ideal for crop production, as well as tourism sites such as Yankari Game Reserves, among others, that have the potential to attract investors.

“As we navigate the path toward economic recovery, let us remember that our strength lies in our unity and our shared vision for a prosperous future. Together, we can overcome any challenge and unlock the full potential of our region,” he said.

Bala Mohammed also said that his administration will continue to partner with relevant stakeholders in improving the business and economic activities of the state.

He said the North East State Governors have agreed to work together in resuscitating economic activities of the sub-region for sustainable growth and development.

The Governor expressed optimism that, sooner than later, the state’s various investment drives, particularly the sister city agreement between Shandong in China and Bauchi, will stimulate massive commercial payoffs.

Bala Mohammed further noted that his administration’s ease of doing business policy which has earned a respectable 6th position on the World Bank Nigerian index is a positive sign of the expansion in trade and commerce that the state is expecting.

He also said that the state’s urban renewal programme aimed at eradicating logistical impediments and offering commuters and visitors a better environment is geared towards improving trade and commerce, among other benefits, and described the International Conference Centre component of the Government House as a trade and commerce tonic.

According to him, “You will all agree with me that the decision to host the trade fair was justified as we have promoted the unity of the North East through trade and commerce exchanges.” 

“We have also created jobs as a result of the comprehensive upgrading of the IBB Trade Fair Center. No doubt, this has the potential of constituting a permanent trade fair centre for the North East,” he added.

Bala Mohammed stressed, “We would like to see the beneficiaries of the Kauran Economic Empowerment Programme (KEEP) and products of the skills acquisition programmes take advantage of the trade fair to showcase their skills at home and, in the process, gain confidence to explore the world.”

He then said, “It is also an opportunity for the various local governments and economic zones of Bauchi State to display their areas of comparative advantage whether in crafts, agriculture, culture, cuisine or alternative medicine.”

The Governor therefore said that the economic transformation agenda of the state government is a work in progress and pointed out that all hands will remain on deck until every home in Bauchi is productively and profitably engaged.

He concluded by reassuring that his administration will continue to pursue policies and programmes that enhance trade, commerce, and industry for economic growth and development of the state.

In a welcome address, the Commissioner for Commerce, Trade and Investment, Mahmoud Babamaji Abubakar commended Governor Bala Mohammed for providing the necessary resources to upgrade the Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida Square with a view to serve as a permanent site for the North East Trade Fair Centre.

Mahmoud Baba Ma’aji stressed that the infrastructure put in place by the Bala administration made the state a safe hub for investments. 

He further appreciated the Governor’s support in making this great and historic event a reality, which will boost the economy of our state and that of the entire region. 

He said that the North East Domestic Trade Fair would boost the economic activities of the state and its people.

According to him, the President of the Bauchi State Chamber of Commerce, Mining, and Agriculture, together with his colleagues and the North-East Governors, is grateful for Governor Bala Mohammed’s foresight.

He also stated that Bauchi people will continue to assist Governor Bala Mohammed’s developmental efforts and commended the Governor for his support. 

President Bauchi State Chamber of Commerce mines and Agriculture (BACCIMA), Alh Aminu Mohammed commended Governor Bala Mohammed for his support in ensuring a successful hosting of the trade fair pledging their unalloyed loyalty and support. 


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