“I will put it on the blacklist” … Cafe that blocked customer numbers for photos and other cake inquiries

Photo=Online Community Capture
Photo=Online community capture
Cake delivered by a customer who ordered dessert at a cafe The story of receiving an absurd answer while inquiring directly to the cafe is controversial because it is different from the picture. On the 23rd, in an online community, a post titled ‘Please give me your advice on the unfortunate incident at a cafe’ was posted.

Author A, who wrote the post, explained that he ordered a dessert from a cafe near his house through a delivery application, saying, “Please give me your advice and bitterness on how to handle it.” I did. They also shared photos of the cake. The picture of the delivery app menu is a picture of a whole cake, but the one that Mr. A received is a piece of cake.

A “As shown in the (I uploaded) picture, the lemon cake was only partially delivered, unlike the picture of Baemin.” He said, “Call the cafe to see if the original picture and the cake delivered are different. He said that he asked if he was the boss. He added, “The tone was not aggressive at all.” If you look at the reviews, you will know, what whole cake can be for 6,000 won?” He replied, “The boss is right.” Afterwards, Mr. A released a text message from the cafe side. In the text, the cafe side said, I don’t think you even visited, and I wonder if you think it’s common sense that the size of the cake is 6,000 won. He continued, “I don’t want to do business with the customer’s attitude and attitude,” he said. Please do not use our store,” he said sternly. Then he added, “Oh, the conversation is recorded, so please refer to it ^^”. I found the cafe’s social network service (SNS) account and raised a problem saying that it was written 6.0 (6,000 won) without the wording of a piece in front of the cake in the same shape as the lemon cake ordered by Mr. A.

So many netizens commented, “Looking at the reviews, I have to explain well in the first place”, “I’m going to post a picture of a whole cake and sell it like that. It should be written as 1/4 of noodles”, “You should upload a photo of the menu in real life, isn’t that kind of fishing?”, “In my standards, it’s at the level of consumer foolishness,” and pointed out the attitude of the cafe.

As the controversy grew after , the cafe apologized to the online community, saying, “I deeply apologize for my response (inappropriate word choice) and threats.”
However, it is known that the contact information of Mr. A, who should apologize, is known to have been blocked, and criticism continues again.

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