‘Three signs’ Strictly’s Ellie Leach and Vito Coppola have been ‘faking romance’

Vito Coppola and Ellie Leach

Judi James claims to have seen three signs that Vito Coppola and Ellie Leach isn’t real (Picture: BBC)

Ellie Leach and Vito Coppola have got the rumour mill buzzing over a potential romance due to their insane chemistry on Strictly Come Dancing, but a body language expert is convinced it’s a showmance.

It should be pointed out the pair have never claimed that they are dating, but viewers have been picking up on ‘clues’ including plenty of complimentary Instagram captions.

However, Judi James claims to have spotted three key signs that they are not an official couple and instead just great dance partners.

‘They’re the smoulderingly hot Strictly couple who get sweaty, sultry, and sensual out there on the dancefloor each week but is this a romance or a fauxmance? At present their body language signals are saying ‘showmance’, mainly because Vito is trying so hard to suggest otherwise,’ Judi told Metro.co.uk.

The first key ‘sign’ is the ending to their Argentine Tango on Saturday’s episode of the BBC series. Although their faces remained close long after the music stopped, Judi believes this is down to their competitive spirit rather than any burgeoning romance.

‘The first rule of Strictly body language is that the rituals you see out there on the dance floor should never be seen as authentic.

Ellie Leach and Vito Coppola looking like they might kiss on Strictly

Vito and Ellie have incredible chemistry on Strictly Come Dancing (Picture: Instagram/Ellie Leach)

‘Those ‘near kisses’ at the end of each dance are especially fake and it’s become extra competitive this season to produce the longest, sexiest, near kisses possible. Bobby Brazier smashed the record with one that lasted around nine seconds after his Argentine Tango,’ she recalled.

‘It even involved going back for more after the first breath-taking moment, and now there is a pile-on to outdo that record for locked-in drooling temptation.’

Vito, 31, and Ellie, 22, had their own lingering ending where they stroked each other’s faces and retained intense eye contact but not everything is as it seems, claimed Judi.

‘Vito’s gazing, neck-fingering moment of intensity at the end of the Tango hit all the right spots in terms of making the fans gasp and sit on the edge of their seats to see if the couple might finally lose all self-control and lock lips for a snog in front of them, but all these moments are choreographed to the last drop of sweat, with not one ounce of spontaneity involved.

‘In close-up, you can see their only priority is getting some air back in their lungs after the exhausting dance.

‘That’s not sexual heavy breathing between them, it’s survival panting,’ she stated.

Ellie Leach and Vito Coppola making eye contact during Strictly

‘If a couple really do start to fall for each other it’s more common to see signals of coyness or shyness’ (Picture: BBC)

While getting the judges’ critique and scores, Vito and Ellie often show signs of affection including hugs, but Judi thinks the ‘overkill’ is sign number two that it isn’t real.

‘Vito retains his sexual appreciation and industrial strength flirting with Ellie after the dances are over too but it does look as though he is working up some interest that will convert into votes.

‘If a couple really do start to fall for each other it’s more common to see signals of coyness or shyness. These overkill body language rituals tend to suggest otherwise.’

While Judi acknowledges that Ellie has a good relationship with Vito, she also notices hints of ‘detachment’ which is her third and final sign it’s a showmance.

Ellie Leach and Vito Coppola dancing on Strictly

Judi believes Vito and Ellie’s chemistry should be enjoyed (Picture: PA)

‘Ellie adores Vito but her body language can look much more detached. Off the floor those lingering touches and gazes vanish.

‘When she’s on the balcony her own eyes seem to be more on Claudia Winklemanthan on Vito.’

While everything may not be what it seems, Judi thinks we all should still take pleasure from their performances.

‘If this is a showmance it’s there to be enjoyed though. The couple are good enough to win the show with or without it and it if warms up the living rooms through an increasingly cold winter they should be thanked for their sterling work, not described as phony.’

She continued: ‘Of course, relationships do blossom on this show and a single couple can happily attract all the are they? aren’t they? attention without evoking the marriage-busting Strictly curse. They can also distract from other developing relationships that might involve people with existing partners.’

Judi heaps praise on Vito too for his commitment to the cause.

‘Vito is emerging as the thirst trap King of Strictly and his body language of sexual desire is something of an art form,’ she noted.

‘With his shirt open to the navel and his torso gleaming he shows off Ellie as his object of desire in a way that has viewers needing a cold shower and a nice cup of tea before the next act comes on.’

This week, Ellie and Vito will be tackling a Quickstep to Beauty and the Beast’s Belle for musicals week.

Strictly Come Dancing continues tomorrow at 7.25pm on BBC One.

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